• Jun 9, 2020

fight of local authorities of the city of Sochi against homeless animals turned A few weeks ago into the present tragedy. Municipal services in response to the complaint of locals to homeless dogs started the real hunt behind tails. Their main thing and the striking weapon — the sending mix which they fatally cunning sucked in in the food attractive to the hungry dogs who yearned on normal food. So three kids got to an artful deadly trap.

Dogs were under supervision of a local shelter. They were fed, looked after them, looked after, looked for the house, but places for tails in open-air cages were not. It did not become arguments for municipals. Animals without any examinations were decided to be exterminated ruthlessly as gun meat.


Малыши were in a coma several days. They, having tried a deadly poison and believing that it is a generous gift of the person, were full and happy. Happiness it lasted several minutes, and further — painful excruciating pains, frightening convulsions and checkmate of internals. From three victims two died on the spot. They choked with own blood.

One dog who with the last bit of strength tried to spit out poison could be saved. For weeks she was nursed, pumped out poison, tried to be put on legs. Resuscitation, infinite droppers, intake of medicines, the balanced food returned to Chick from terminal state.


Массовая persecution left an indelible mark on Chiki's health. At a dog the liver, weak paws, a general malaise is strongly affected.

Now the baby is under supervision and if do not find her the house and the loving family, the tail will be forced to return to Sochi.

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