• Jan 23, 2020

When published article about this old man from a shelter in Istra situated near Moscow, we were even afraid to think that nobody will take away it. So there was a wish that Tishulkin as tenderly he is called by volunteers, became a minion of fortune. We squeezed cams for a doggie. Very much wanted that the tail spent the last time in heat and a cosiness, surrounded with love and care.

 dog, sofa, house Photo: instagram.com/aleksandra.troitskaya

And our desire came true! Correctly say: thoughts are material. Only it is necessary them accurately, logically, competently to formulate and "start" in space. And everything will surely be carried out! The example of that is a tall tale from Tishkaya.

Once all edition we read on social networks a touching post about the grown old tail from a shelter. His author is a volunteer Aleksandra Troitskaya who very much wanted to help 14-year-old Tishke. From read in the eyes by itself tears welled up. History of a dog was discussed all edition and at once decided to make about the old man the publication on the website, we very much hoped: for Tishki there will be real owners.

 dog, street, snow, winter Photo: instagram.com/aleksandra.troitskaya

Александра admits that after articles about Tisha on , were calls and letters. People were interested in health of a sobaken, habits, tastes and even addictions. Many wanted to present to a doggie warmly.

The girl honestly told about Tishki's problems. Warned: at a dog weak hinder legs therefore the carriage can shortly be necessary. The old man has also other strangenesses. For example, he likes to eat snow … And until the end of life he needs to take medicine, to give injections.

 dog, stove bench, laying, house, apartment Photo: instagram.com/aleksandra.troitskaya

Evgenia, the new hostess Tishki, nothing frightened – either health, or age, or constant and rather difficult leaving. The girl was one of the first who was ready to take away a dog. Aleksandra believed Zhenya. Understood: The person takes away a dog not out of pity but because saw in it a kindred spirit and it was the love at first sight!

We are very glad for Tishka and are infinitely grateful to Evgenia and her family. Great, as became our common efforts to one happy dog in the world more!

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