• Jan 24, 2020

Because of frosts of 56% of owners of dogs walk with the pets less in the winter, than in the summer. At the same time every sixth of respondents admitted that he dreams of a hard frost to postpone walk for ever. Respectively, each dog walks in the winter approximately for one hour a week less, than in the summer. The relevant information contains in poll of the Tails company.

The chief veterinarian of this company Sean McCormack noted the following: "The healthy dog with enthusiasm perceives walks under any weather conditions. Therefore it is more correct to give her the present possibility, but not to leave at home".

At the same time not only bad weather has a direct impact on a possibility of walk. So, 36% of owners of dogs postpone walking because of fatigue. Another 20% do not walk with animals because of strong employment. At the same time a half of owners recognize that walk makes them the pet happier. And another 43% of owners consider that regular physical exercises help to keep psychological calm of a dog.

According to 39%, the physical activity is the most important factor of maintenance of an optimum condition of a dog.

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