• Jan 28, 2020

Most of the interviewed British reported that it is easier for them to sleep with pets, than with the partner person. At the same time two thirds of respondents emphasized that they sleep with own pets. Three of ten British have at the same time feeling of comfort and security. A quarter more do not feel lonely, spending the night with animals in one bed. And 37% of respondents noted that they feel heat of the pets and are warmed thanks to them at night. The relevant information is provided by the Independent edition.

"The dream with pets is a normal manifestation of joint life with them. Cats always consider us parents, and dogs in the social behavior are similar to eleven-year-old teenagers. Therefore both those, and others have natural desire to sleep together with people, using such opportunity for strengthening of the relations and extraction of peculiar benefits from it", – the expert in behavior of animals, professor Peter Neville comments on a situation on pages of the newspaper.

As for animals, they mostly prefer to sleep in legs of owners. About another 20% of pets like to be at the level of knees of the owners.

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