• Jan 13, 2020

C of 1970 movies with participation of cats collected in world film distribution of Great Britain more means, than cinema with dogs. So, for the reporting period a box office of "cat's" movies made 7,841,924,828 dollars. For comparison: collecting from "dog" movies equaled to 6,556,609,118 dollars. The relevant information contains in a research of the Petlandia company.

At the same time in the same place it is noted that cats often are present at movies as the invented and drawn characters. So, for example, was in 7 of 10 most popular movies with participation of cats.

For comparison: dogs are usually used on shootings alive in what, actually, and the reason of rather small cash collecting "dog" movies is. In addition, superiority of cats is explained by their more frequent use in animated cartoons. And animated cartoons are the most preferable genre of the audience. For comparison: dogs dominate in horror films. However they are only in the seventh place

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