• Jan 15, 2020

the Case occurred in Quebec (Canada) few weeks ago. Mathew Patri just went to work on a forest track when on his way the little fluffy kitten who is alone sitting at a roadside met. Mathew decided to approach, but, having come nearer, found out that before him at all not a kitten.

"I decided to suit lovemeow.com closer to consider a kitten, and saw his huge paws and ears with brushes — Mathew told. – So I understood that before me not a domestic kitten, but the cub of a lynx somehow separated from mother".
did not know what to do. He thought that mother of the kid can be near somewhere and will soon return behind it therefore decided to leave it on the same place.
All day Mathew could not dismiss a thought of a lonely little lynx.
Photo: lovemeow.com
"Next day I returned to look whether there the kitten, and already from far away distinctly heard as he "cries"" — Mathew told.
worried that a kitten of a lynx, has to be, the weakest of a dung and will not be able independently to survive. Also decided to interfere.
Photo: lovemeow.com Mathew's
found the kid sitting at a tree, picked up it and carried to itself home. Then called a local zoo and asked about the help.
Employees of a zoo in detail explained
to Mathew how to look after a kitten. At night the man did not move a step from him, and next day brought the kid to a zoo.
"Appeared Mathew the rights when decided to take away a kitten from the wood as it is still too small to survive independently" — experts of a zoo noted.
under supervision of veterinary service a kitten of a lynx will quickly get Now on feet and will be ready to return to the wild nature again.
Photo: lovemeow.com

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