• Feb 14, 2020
"Well, good washing, small, the baby, fight, do not die, I for you will make everything … only live …"

I, the healthy forty-year-old man, sobbed violently about the small shchuplenky little body spread on a rug in a postoperative body cloth which is only occasionally shuddering in drowsiness of an anesthesia.

A month before it.

In the cold March evening we came back home with the wife. Already on the way I saw on a pug lawn. Went hot me. Did not close a door? For us jumped out? And if car? And dogkhanter? …

At our place nearly eleven years there lives our favourite — Sherry's mopsyusha. As all dogs of respectable age, have age sores with which I, according to the lights, struggle, a dog who lives at you, this is the family member and even a thought that I can have "allergy" to a dog old age, to me is simply wild.

Having approached, I saw others doggie, the girl, already age, very thin, emaciated, besides injured, it had back pads as a rag, it hardly stood on them, consequences of whether a severe trauma, whether systematic beatings. Subsequently, after visit of the veterinarian, sores will appear more, but I did not think of it.

I was just struck by eyes of this unfortunate being. In them there was not just pain or fear. In them there was a despair.

Perhaps, once, having come to this world a cheerful fervent lump and having found the loving and only owners, she did not even suspect that they, these people loving earlier, will act with it this way cruelly and utilitarianly as it appeared subsequently.

And we began fight. Fight for extension of life of the Mouse. Yes, so I called the dog, MYsh, with an accent on the first syllable. She resembled a little mouse, small, thin, emaciated. Naturally, I hanged out announcements everywhere, wrote to social nets about the found dog, and she was with a club brand. Fondly I hoped for a call from owners, they got rid of her the easiest way, having just thrown out her.

I will not go into veterinary subtleties, but with health at it everything was bad. Operation after which I was given the forecast for three days, perhaps was at once performed, will die, but if is not present, then is not present. I, of course, not the veterinarian, but quantity of the anesthesia entered by her obviously did not correspond to her weight therefore she hardly got out.

Then treatment, diets after which it did not become better for it was appointed.

Vt others. centers, private doctors. In actual fact it turned out that clinics appoint only drugs and forages which only they have available. Which are unavailable, not appointed and even dissuade from them. It is easy to foresee financial benefit from it and, perhaps, negative impact of treatment on four-footed patients. Well God to them judge.

I do not know whether veterinarians give after study some oath (Hippocrates's analog), but, dear owners of pets if you have an opportunity to recheck the made diagnosis and, the main thing, the appointed treatment, do it, the benefit with the Internet is not a problem.

At last we found the real veterinarian, even doctors I would tell. Vladimir Anatolyevich, I will be infinitely grateful to you and I wish continuous professional growth and success on a course of life.

Collected all analyses, handed over new, but news were not consolatory. We cannot recover, the supporting therapy, well and … how many …

For me it was not surprise and therefore I decided how many life to it otmeryano, all it. But in family, fed and, the main thing, it is loved.

Mysha grew fat, became cheerful, began to bark, even fought sometimes with Sherry for "a piece of bread". To warm season took out them to the dacha. It were our happy days.

But all good comes to an end sooner or later, and my Mysha left on a rainbow, is silent in a dream.

And in me something cracked. It is possible to tell: "Well, was ill and died". In total so. Another does not release me year. Why and from where there is so much callousness, callousness and callousness. Seemingly former owners did not kill, and just threw out on the street, but threw out a being who infinitely trusted, needed the help and in that most important person who a few years ago took on hands, called the favourite lump, gave a forage from hands and named …

And then it appeared without soul.

My veterinarian told me that I prolonged it life for two years.

Perhaps also on was possible more, to find consecrated, to appoint other, more expensive treatment, but I on it have no means. I made everything that I could … Forgive me, my Mysha …

I all life had dogs, some were given, found others, and all life I treated them. I just do not understand how at the normal owner the dog can be not kormlenny, sick or wander on streets, causing inconveniences to people around. Heart at the person not only plays a role of principal organ of the organism pumping blood, but also executes some other function, the highest.

I do not know whether to believe in reincarnation, but some time ago I on the site had a cat gray with a flat muzzle, the cat's analog of a pug is direct. Search of owners was not crowned with success. Already sterilized lies on a bed smiles. The name as you understand, is predetermined by it.

Long could not write it, it was heavy. And now felt better. Thank you that read up up to the end. You do not judge strictly.

Also you remember, we in the answer for those who were tamed.

Memories of my dog …

Spring day, on the street it is cool,
A does not release night winter far at all.
the Doggie small near the house met
I, having glanced in her eyes, заныло heart is deep.

There was a grief and fear of separation
C by once very close, favourite people,
there which appreciated it young,
A elderly in a box carried to a wastebasket.

It is possible to call people them only with great reserve, the person heart has
, soul … these
A convert dogs into cash,
I a cold glance, as at the executioner.

The judge to them God, I think what for affairs will be rendered,
For priruchyonny we answer always.
I if youth them we want to play enough,
That an old age and death, we dare never to neglect!

Having come to my house, thawed slightly Heart of a Dog,
On caress and love reciprocated it,
But here health quickly worsened,
Where lived it to a wound, thought about that not much.

Two years we fought for rescue
of the Sobachy life betrayed by people of
But at this time lived! Enjoyed life!
we Loved a dog as could …

But everything passes, happiness is not eternal.
Left my dog at night quietly not to wake me.
Remained pain and feeling left unfinished something,
But is consciousness, on a heavenly rainbow it.

Again spring day, again on the street it is cool
I night still frosty and it is as in winter dark,
Ya I come to this place often where met a doggie, my
B there is heart a corner and there still she … is alive …

Andrey Zharkov, March, 2019

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