• Jan 17, 2020

Polar bears often become heroes of animated films or children's books. And often they are on friendly terms with penguins and other animals. That from what we read about polar bears, myths or the facts?

 the Polar bear in the Arctic a photo

On a photo: polar bear. Photo: pixabay.com

Myth 1: Polar bears are on friendly terms with penguins

This representation has nothing in common with reality. At least because penguins cannot meet in the nature of polar bears in any way. They live literally on different poles of Earth: polar bears inhabit the North Pole (Arctic), and penguins – the South Pole (Antarctic).

Myth 2: Polar bears and brown bears – absolutely different types which have nothing in common

Scientists made a hypothesis that brown bears are ancestors white, however is still unclear how and when there was their "division". Results of one research say that it happened about 5,000,000 years ago, however according to other source, types were divided about 500,000 years ago.

Anyway, brown and polar bears are relatives. And at their crossing the posterity can appear. So, in one of zoos was born гролар – a hybrid of a grizzly and polar bear. Besides, for the last decade fixed several cases of the birth of similar hybrids and at wild animals.

 White she-bear and bear cub of a photo

On a photo: a polar bear with a bear cub. Photo: wikimedia.org

Myth 3: Polar and brown bears differ only in color

However to consider that the difference of brown and polar bears consists only in a color, also incorrectly.

Even if to take wool as a comparison basis, it differs not only in color, but also structure. Strands of wood of polar bears hollow inside while strands of wood of brown bears have continuous structure.

Elin Lorentsen, the representative of the University of California, in 2014 conducted a research of genetic differences between polar and brown bears. It became clear that, for example, they distinguish a metabolism. Obesity for polar bears – norm.

Myth 4: Polar bears survive in a frigid climate thanks to special structure of wool

This myth was disproved in 1998 by the physicist Daniel Kuhn. However if polar bears are not warmed by wool how they manage to survive in severe conditions of the Arctic? Possibly, they are warmed by fat which reserves make sometimes more than a half of body weight of the bear. And an important part of a diet of these giants – fat. By the way, in blood of polar bears cholesterol level and as they with it live – a riddle reads off scale.

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