• Sep 17, 2019

Already 30 years as on February 22 celebrates the Day of a cat in Japan. This number was chosen with an ulterior motive. By the Japanese tradition date registers as follows: 22.2. Two it is said as, and "meow" in Japanese – "нян". As these words are conformable, on February 22 became "nyan-nyan-nyan" or "meow-meow-meow" in the afternoon.

 Day of a cat in Japan

Though it and an informal holiday, the Day of a cat is celebrated in a big way. In many respects it is explained by love of Japanese to having a tail, their quantity per capita here – one of the highest in the world. From Japan to us came a kotokafa and the architecture focused on animals. In addition, in recent years the holiday became strongly commercialized. This day thematic goods, food and drinks are sold.

 day of a cat in Japan

How the Day of a cat is celebrated? On this holiday it is accepted to present the fluffy bros with love and gifts. Many post in network a photo and video by the pets. Some organize draws for the chetverolapy. Thematic food and drinks, especially donuts enjoy popularity.

This holiday also does not do without a cosplay, so popular in Asia. It is possible to dress up the chetverolapy friend or to become "cat" most.

 Day of cats in Japan

And the Disney shop in Japan announced on February 22 in the afternoon Mari – a kitten from an animated cartoon "Cats aristocrats".

 Day of a cat in Japan

It is curious that February 22 in Japan is celebrated one more holiday – Put the ninjia. Here too word-play is mixed: two — and the first syllable of the word "ninjia" are conformable too.

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