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having For the first time seen Barsik, volunteers lost a speech power.

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The Center for care of animals New York was visited by a great number of cats and cats, but none of them were such large as Barsik.

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Photo: instagram.com/bigbarsik

When at the age of 5 years the cat arrived to a shelter, it weighed 18 and a half kg. Barsik's arrival did not remain unnoticed. Volunteers were excited by the fate of an animal.

Barsik's History

In a shelter profile in Instagram it is reported that Barsik was brought together with other cat — a normal constitution — by the name of Sookie. The former owners changed the residence and could not care for them.

In a shelter there were no conditions for care of a cat of such sizes. To Barsik urgently began to look for a foster home in which he could lose weight.

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Photo: instagram.com/bigbarsik

Fortunately, long it was not necessary to wait. Volunteers of the non-profit center for rescue of cats found in New York for cats – Barsik and Sookie – a temporary foster home.

Beginning of new life

Having appeared in the new house, Barsik at first behaved watchfully. With such weight it is even heavy to cat to hide where there is a wish.

"It is very a pity to look at it when he looks after himself. It does not reach hinder legs and in principle a back part of a body. We help it: we comb wool that it became softer, we want to try waterless shampoo" — adoptive mother of Barsik who very much wants to help a cat says.

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Photo: instagram.com/bigbarsik

Soon Barsik "will go" on a rigid diet to lose weight and find family already for the rest of life.

Here so new life of one of the biggest cats in the world began. But Barsik is full of strength, energy and desires to overcome all obstacles in a way to the happiness.

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