• Sep 20, 2019
When Nova got to a shelter last October, employees did not doubt – it fell a victim of ill treatment of animals. It was written at it on a muzzle, unfortunately, in literal sense. For a puppy age slightly less than a year, Nova weighed twice less norm – only 12 kg. Her muzzle was bent around by an open wound from hard self-made "muzzle".
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Whatever held Nova's muzzle closed, it wounded a dog throughout such long time that cicatricial fabric was formed. Perhaps, it was the wire, a rope or an elastic band. The only thing that was clear precisely — now It is new in safety.
Despite the state and wounds, the baby from the very beginning behaved just remarkably.
Just at this time the local police station decided to add the chetverony employee to the team. When police officers arrived to a shelter to look at potential candidates, Nova just recovered. However the head of a shelter asked to pay special attention to the baby – she has quiet character and could become a remarkable dog for, for example, search.

Photo: iheartdogs.com
the Lieutenant Stopper which needed the workmate, at first sight understood that It is new – his dog. So far the chief officers decided whether it will turn out to train a one-year-old dog for performance of the necessary tasks, Stopper spent with Nova much time and met her closer.
When the police station nevertheless decided that It is new – really good choice, she right there turned to work and very much became attached to the new owner and the best friend. In 4 months after Nova got to a shelter, she received confirmation that her trainings are finished, and officially became a police dog.

Photo: iheartdogs.com
So Nova who was once thrown out on the street received new life. And who knows how many good affairs she for her will make and how many people will save.
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