• Oct 19, 2019

of the Cat are lovely, graceful, cunning and capricious creatures. Owners of these fluffy pets know how their favourites spend in a dream much time. However often happens that time of rest of the pet does not coincide with time when the owner has a rest. How to disaccustom pets to ozorovat at night and to prevent rest of all family – we will tell in our article.

Night prankish: How effectively to disaccustom a cat to awake all at night

Active games in the afternoon

One of the reasons of night activity of a cat is the lack of attention to it members of household, she perceives family members as the pack. If her family, its "pack" spends almost all day at work or in personal cares, nothing remains to a cat, besides, how to sleep all day. In the evening the well rested, fluffy favourite full of strength will require attention to own person and active games, and at night, on call of the nature, can go "to hunting". At the same time curtains, carpets, vases, slippers and even heels of the sleeping owners can become subjects to "hunting".

To disaccustom the pet to frolic and rustle at night, provide him the maximum activity in the afternoon. Ask house to play as often as possible with an animal during the day. Get special toys with which it will not even be boring for him alone for a cat. An amusing mouse with a pishchalka or a ball of which at an active game dry delicacy drops out will entertain the pet in your absence. The high kogtetochka with a plumelet or a toy fixed on the top not only will amuse a cat, but can quite disaccustom him to clamber on curtains and wall carpets. Cats enjoy very much children's toys with moving small fishes or animals who need to be caught.

to Spread out

in secluded places cat's delicacies

An effective method to force an animal to move, delicacy or the dry feed which is spread out in various secret places in the apartment is. For bigger loading establish shelves of different height which your pet will be able to climb up without serious consequences, and spread out on the top racks incentive "yum-yum". At cats very good nose. The instinct of the hunter and a smell of the delicacy lying on the top will draw their attention and will awaken curiosity.

is more often to caress the pet

Pets consider the owner the leader of the pack therefore very much need his approval and caress. Pay them as much as possible attention, especially in the morning and in the evening. You speak with the cat more often, iron and caress him. Some owners of fluffy bezobraznik by means of a talk before going to bed by a low, quiet voice even managed "to convince" the favourites not to rustle at night. There is no wonder, because cats are capable to remember many words and even to understand emotionally charged phrases. They unmistakably feel mood of the owner and depending on it can adjust the behavior.

it is dense to

to feed before going to bed

One more way to calm the raged pet before going to bed – plentifully to feed him. Who will want to rob on a full stomach? For this purpose divide day norm of a forage into 4 parts:

  • give the first part in the morning;
  • the second part – leaving for work, leave in a feeder with prospect of day having a snack for a cat;
  • reserve the third and fourth parts for evening feeding.

After a dinner stroke and calm an animal, and it, most likely, will strong fall asleep, having provided to you quiet night.

to Organize own berth for the pet

The night period – favourite time for the small cultivated predators to bypass the territory. And they consider the territory all apartment. Equip for them a game corner and own vacation spot – the main thing that they were outside your bedroom. Cats are big fans of various boxes, lodges, minks and other shelters where they feel safe. Get in specialized shop or make independently the mini-dwelling for your pets. That to a cat in him it was comfortable, put inside favourite toys and something from your old clothes. The pet will always feel your smell and to feel safe.

to Get the second cat

If you have an opportunity to get several animals in the house, then think, whether not to get to your favourite the four-leg friend? It can be both the age-mate of your pet, and a little kitten, or even a puppy of medium-sized breeds of dog. Female cat's representatives with pleasure accept kids, surrounding them with caress and care. Pets often perfectly get on among themselves, play and frolic. It means that during the day animals will spend all the energy, and will sleep tight at night.

Soothing medicines

As a temporary measure not to cause accustoming, sometimes it is possible to use the calming medicines on the basis of herbs. Well the means containing valerian extract will approach. They reduce stress and calm nervous system of a cat without harm for her health. It is enough to apply on animal withers one drop of medicine once a week.

Skilled felinologiya (specialists in cats) recommend to apply for correction of behavior of an animal to it on pads on a small drop of oil. The cat is an animal very clean, he begins to be licked carefully at once, thereby breaking the traditional night schedule. Having ended bathing procedures, the animal prefers to have a rest that will give the chance to have a sleep also to owners. Almost similar effect will be had by plain water if in it to wet a little pads of your night robber.

If you after all could not master the fluffy bezobraznik, then to correct their behavioural features, address the zoopsychologist. It is possible to win deserved right to rest from the fluffy favourites, of course. The main thing – be convinced that their night concerts are not caused by diseases and feeling sick. You find approach to four-leg, and let will prevent nothing to your dream.

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