• Oct 6, 2017
" Nissan presented to

the car for dog lovers — X-Trail 4Dogs which luggage carrier just paradise for quadrupeds!

 a dog in the car With an exhaust shower, the hair dryer, a special ladder, the double camera broadcasting you a dog and a dog you on monitors … Yes … the dog in a luggage carrier too has a monitor) That not скучала. 

the Upholstery is made by img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2017-10/1507285003_c20f72aea0fb6c93c48ee0426c5d59a5.jpeg of special soft LUX material. Also in a luggage carrier there is not spilling bowl with water and a clever bowl with food for dogs.
 the car for dogs generally, we and wish to sweep in such luggage carrier) As they say — Like a Boss)


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