• Apr 15, 2020

the Season of holidays — the best time to carry out it with family far from city bustle. And many prefer to spend this time in a privacy, in clean air on the cozy seasonal dachas, we hope so will be also this summer!

This time is especially pleasant to pets. Any bans on movements, how many smells, tastes and sounds around! And how many entertainments — for the year ahead will be enough. Here to you and the neighbor will pass by, it is necessary to track him, suddenly he encroaches on wealth of family?! Nearby the flying by bird can intrude upon leisure of the pet, she for certain knows some secret which so wants to be learned also to a dog! Or here the insect creeping on a grass on the affairs — it as if asks it to hasten or it should be banished from own lawn. And, above all — the favourite owner always is near.


Можно together to do household chores, to take a nap after a nourishing lunch, to fry shish kebabs or to read the book on a hammock, without leaving for a minute. Generally, a summer time — paradise for all, including for dogs. But for one of them last summer could become the last happy stage. So, after the end of the next season, the four-months baby Geena was thrown out. Just closed a gate and left, to forget to take away an animal it is impossible.

At first everything was not so bad. But affairs began to be worse when hunger held down a stomach, and heart faded with cold and wild loneliness, fear and warped paws. In such exhausted and thin state Geena was found by the resident of the housing estate. The grandfather took pity on the poor fellow and sheltered a dog. The loyal friend was so necessary to the man. Together they whiled away evenings, life began to be adjusted. But for a while. The age and impressive years, weakness and an old age took away the last hope for happy life from Geena. The new friend died. Geena remained one again.


Сирота wandered about the streets which are already experienced once in the mountain, itself without knowing what now to do to it. And age not that. Geena was not that little and pretty puppy. She grew up, considerably grew up and in general in this situation of a dog cause much more a negative, than desire to help them. Geena as she thought, had no chances at all. Probably, for everything endured by it, the destiny at last deigned to Geena. Her look full of hope could stop the woman who extremely strongly felt sorry Geena. In spite of the fact that the woman already had dogs and she did not wish to fill up posterity, Geena changed her plans. Do not pour water, loyal friends, a support, support, strong family — nobody thought that the result of this story will be it. Rejoice and please, Geena!

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