• Feb 22, 2019

the Dog — the devoted companion. If it happened to dream about this animal, it is necessary to pay attention to all details which managed to be remembered when awakening. It will help to make the correct interpretation of a dream. In many dream books it is written what the dream with participation of a dog warns about.

What the Dream with Participation of a Dog Warns About

of Interpretation from dream books

It is very in detail told to what the dog, in dream book by the American psychologist Miller can dream. Main interpretation of this book:

Devoted Friends

  1. the Angry dog wishing to attack — to intrigues of ill-wishers. And here the kind and tender pet dreams in case snovidets is surrounded by devoted friends.
  2. the dog Following in the tracks — should resist to temptations.
  3. If an animal bites and behaves aggressively — quarrels with close relatives and good friends are possible.
  4. Dreams a mad dog — long difficult fight against circumstances is necessary.
  5. The pet of white color is considered the good sign promising good luck in the near future.

In dream book by the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga to this image it is also paid much attention. According to its interpretation, the dog in a dream is associated with people who surround snovidets. So, the homeless or sick dog points that in reality the help to the good friend or relative is required. The white dog points that in reality snovidets is surrounded by devoted and faithful companions. To feed dogs in a dream — to great trust from relatives.

it is possible to view as a Negative sign attack of animals in a dream. It symbolizes influence of negative power from the outside. There can shortly take place be an unpleasant event.

According to modern dream book the dog in a dream promises a prize or acquaintance to the new friend.

To train a dog in a dream — to adoption of others responsibility. It is necessary to solve a lot of things for close people.

Dog in a Muzzle in a Dream

the Dog in a muzzle — the warning sign. It can symbolize dangerous gossips, intrigues of ill-wishers or an intrigue behind the back.

of the Detail of a dream

That with an accuracy to understand subconsciousness signals, it is necessary to try to remember the maximum quantity of details when awakening. Should pay attention to what size there was an animal in a dream:

  • the big dog dreams to emergence of strong trust from close friends;
  • the little doggie symbolizes pleasant occupations in the near future.

Little Doggie in a Dream

Color of wool of the dreamed pet also has the symbolics. So, the black dog points to the coming meeting with the unpleasant person. The dog of red color dreams to insidiousness from relatives.

A here white, on the contrary, is considered the good sign. He dreams to implementation of long-awaited plans and promises a meeting with old friends.

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