• Sep 2, 2019

In some houses often perish or cats vanish. There has to be some reason for which they are not late in the apartment. Really, it is difficult to call a chain of death and losses coincidence, the explanation is it. There are national signs and rational theories which will help to understand where a root of the troubles which are created in the house.

What Tell Signs About if in the House Cats Do Not Get Accustomed


Est folk belief that if cats are not late at home, means they could not find a common language with the invisible forces protecting the dwelling. Since ancient times it is considered that at these animals the contact with the other world is come. They serve brownies and, coming to the house, have to make friends with spirit. Not always it leaves. If the cat hisses on a blank space and does not find to herself rest - it is a sure sign of the fact that the brownie did not accept her and in every way tries to expel from the possession.

In folklore is house first of all the defender of the dwelling, but not the small prankish and the wrecker. If to show to it due respect, the spirit will leave the pet alone. It is considered that the brownie can temper justice with mercy if to cajole him a gift. The gift should be accompanied with a request to accept an animal. To save a cat from a trouble, in the ancient time advised to choose the pet of the same color that hair color of the owner of the house.

Bad power of the house

Cats better than people feel streams of energy and an evil eye. If the cat long peers at certain places or on the contrary avoids them - it is an occasion to prick up the ears. Still can tell refusal of a cat of games and habitual food about presence of bad power. If in the house there were new things, especially gifts, it is necessary to think whether they became the reason of discontent of an animal. Sometimes they pull for themselves to the house bad power and the pet sharply reacts to adverse changes. It is uncomfortable to cats to live in the house with the oppressive atmosphere. Sooner or later they will leave housing in which bad power. It is considered that leaving the animal takes away a negative with itself and about

Bad power of the person

The problem can be not in the house, and in the person. If the cat suddenly hissed on the owner, he means brought with himself bad power. In that case it is necessary to take at once a shower and to wash clothes. Also not superfluous will be to check whether is not present at itself any lent thing or the imposed gift from the one who could bear the malice. Happens that the cat took a dislike to someone from guests. Perhaps, this person brings with himself a negative.

Rational reasons

If to reject all superstitions, then in the dry rest remains several rational reasons having a logical explanation. If cats die one by one, most likely fault an infectious disease. Some viruses live in the apartment about a year and settle on furniture, carpets, walls. To the person they not harm, and here pets are in danger of death. In case of death of several animals it is necessary to process housing a quartz lamp. if the pet died, for example, of a distemper, it is better not to bring at least year into the house of other animals.

If pets often run from the house, something is not pleasant to them. It is not obligatory to look for the reason in the beyond at all. Quite probable explanation – the bad address. And owners can not notice wrong. Happens, the cat is offended by other pets or children. Or she feels superfluous when the kid was born or in family the new pet appeared. Began to pay to a cat less attention and she was jealous of owners. For the time being the favourite stands offenses, but then decides to leave the house.

One more frequent reason – the animal was not going to run at all, and just went out for a walk and got lost. Pulls freedom-loving cats on the street, also appointments with cats are not excluded. Not always the pet can independently find a way back. Time of a cat stray literally in couple of quarters from the house.

Sometimes owners look for the gone cat and find her dead. They blame themselves and try to understand what happened. Actually the person there is nothing here. Animals feel approach of the end and do not want that someone saw their death. Therefore cats seek to leave a home and to leave to die alone.

Apparently, it is not always worth looking for mysticism in the events. Even the most improbable coincidence often has a reasonable explanation, it is necessary to analyse a situation only. Pets get accustomed in houses where they have no stress, have sufficient leaving and care. However it is impossible and to exclude intervention of the fact that not to well human understanding. Animals got used to rely on instincts feel thin matters better.

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