• Oct 26, 2019
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in the variety. It concerns both people, and animals. Today we will tell you about unusual and rare colors of cats.

Lilac color

4 unusual colors of cats which meet quite seldom

Appeared relatively recently. Such color (лайлак) does not belong to natural, and was received artificially. The clarified form of a chocolate color. On color reminds cocoa with milk: gray with a bluish-pink shade.

Its intensity can differ from light to dark: light izabellovy (with a pink shade), lavender (light with a violet shade) and lilac (beige and coffee color). Most often such color the British and oriyentala have.

For obtaining such color usually cross cats of a blue color to chocolate. But not in each dung kittens of such color turn out. Most often lilac kittens monophonic, but meet also spotty. And for a certain sum it is possible to buy a kitten of such unusual color only from the checked manufacturers.

Chocolate color

4 unusual colors of cats which meet quite seldom

One of the most rare, but meets in various breeds more often than lilac. Only one cat breed is completely chocolate – York. It is removed in the USA relatively recently, recognized officially in 1983. To the emergence this breed is obliged to one lover of cats who specially selected kittens of this color at the Persian and Siamese cats. Such color happens at Abyssinians, the Havana cats, the Persian, chocolate ekzot, burmansky cats, Devon-reksov, the British, Scottish lop-eared (Scottish Folds).

Colour циннамон

4 unusual colors of cats which meet quite seldom

Close to chocolate a color циннамон (cinnamon). Also treats to group of colors of black-brown scale. At this color a henna-red shade, characteristic of cinnamon, which is much lighter than chocolate-brown.

Maria Falkene, the Dutch breeder of Abyssinians found a color циннамон. Earlier this color was not distinguished from red, but she noticed this difference. It is officially recognized in 1980. And in 1982 – the diluted option of a tsinnamon – a color a faun. The first such color became Abyssinians, could also achieve such color from the British, oriyental and siam.

Tortoise marble color

4 unusual colors of cats which meet quite seldom

The marble shade has a set of versions:

  1. Usual marble.
  2. Black: the main background brown, on it coal-black lines.
  3. Chocolate: on a light background darkly chocolate pattern.
  4. Tsinnamon: on a light honey background the drawing of henna-red color.
  5. Red marble: red background and bright red pattern.
  6. Cream: tone more muffled, than at red.
  7. Blue: background of beige shades, drawing blue or gray.
  8. Lilac: on a silvery background the lavender drawing.
  9. Faun: a pale yellow background with stains of color a faun.

Tortoise marble (color background two-color):

  1. Black: background red and brown, drawing red and brown.
  2. Chocolate: mix of a background and drawing of chocolate and red colors.
  3. Tsinnamon: at the heart of a background honey and red, drawings differ on the saturation of these flowers.
  4. Blue: a background beige and peach with drawings.
  5. Lilac: in a basis a lavender and a peach, patterns of different saturation.
  6. Faun: ivory and a peach with stains.

The marble color meets in many breeds, and tortoise three-colored at all not purebred cats can render.

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