• Apr 6, 2019

Imagination and incomparable sense of humour of these creations having a tail – one of the main reasons why cats are the most popular pets. And you would guess such entertainments?


to Make a space suit of a package

It is not necessary to you, the kitty considers. It to her goes much more. At least as a fine object for photoshoots. And from packages fine lodges turn out.

to Taste wires

Cats and programmers are incompatible. At least, chances to survive after a pegryzaniye of an important wire much less. On the other hand, at whom the slipper will rise by a kitty?

to Replace with

with itself social networks

What you did not see in this YouTube? Look better what fine hair at it, large ears … Why cats are so attracted by the keyboard of the computer or the laptop?

to Eat your favourite cactus

Generally you specially replaced all other plants with cactuses – apparently, precisely nothing threatens them. But representatives of the cat family are present nothing impossible.

to Work as the designer

According to psychologists to carry black things – symptom of a depression. Designers think differently, but is more visible to a kitty. Therefore he will help you and will lie down on your black trousers.

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