• Nov 12, 2019

Many owners of cats faced that their pets begin to behave oddly: they can unexpectedly begin to leave the excrement on all dwelling, or begin to sharpen claws about a soft upholstery of furniture. There is an opinion that cats act just this way because they are vindictive by the nature. However, most often for such behavior there are reasons which we will sort in our article.

5 reasons why cats revenge the owners and as to correct it

the Pet ached

Yes, cats can aggressively behave if something hurts them or they ail. Before abusing and punishing the pet, it is necessary to observe attentively his behavior and, if necessary, to carry to the veterinarian.

Lack of attention

The cat, as well as most of pets, needs attention of the owner. Before getting an animal, be convinced that you will be able to spend enough time with it. Many breeds do not transfer loneliness, contrary to popular belief at all that "the cat walks in itself".

Pungent smells in the house

Cats are very sensitive to smells. The sense of smell at them though is weaker, than at a dog, but by 14 times more sharply, than at the person. Therefore be careful when using, for example, of strongly smelling perfume, shampoo or shower gel.

New pet

A cat – rather jealous being. Not everyone they is capable to take out appearance of other animal in the house and to share with it attention of the owner. You should not get same-gender cats precisely – there is a risk of the constant conflicts between individuals following in a fight. Such problem can be solved castration or sterilization. Pets of other types can come into the view of a cat as production.


Here what precisely you should not do, so it to beat a cat, especially if it occurs for no apparent reason. The animal can nurse for a long time on you a grievance and periodically revenge in the different ways. It is possible to punish a cat, for example, having sprayed her with water, the main thing that hands were not involved.

Of course, in many respects the behavior of a cat depends on how she was brought up. Important since the earliest childhood to teach the pet to rules of conduct in the house: to accustom to a tray, to show where there is a kogtetochka to avoid damage of furniture and curtains. It is worth to remember also about encouragement for good behavior. This simple advice will help you better to understand the cat, and she will answer you with appreciation and love.

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