• Jan 17, 2020

Small, playful and fluffy – puppies in no time win hearts of all passers very few people leaving indifferent. However such kid in family – business at all not a lung. But very grateful!

Bordeaux mastiff puppy of a photo Photo: pixabay.com
Here 7 touching (and sometimes a little irritating) things which are included surely into the list of the indestructible truth of any four-footed kid.
1. Everywhere to follow the owner on heels.
brown spaniel on hands at the person Photo: pixabay.com
Wants a little personal space and a privacy? If you got a puppy, then with it, perhaps, it is worth saying goodbye. He looks for the leader of pack whom he will follow. Who this leader? Correctly, you!
Prepare that the kid will become your second shadow for several first months.
2. All new – to madness cool!
Is ringing at a door, strangers, the loud TV, even an unexpected sneeze – all this is so interesting!
A if you have a mirror in a floor, then, most likely, it will become the best friend, and, from time to time, and the best enemy of a puppy.
3. In total in the world – a chewing toy.
the white puppy gnaws a branch Photo: pixabay.com
If you think long ago that it would be time to remove more often things the apartment, get a puppy! Small зубастик, under threat to eat everything that lies in a reach zone, surely will help you with this undertaking.
4. Morning – the most anticipated part of day.
your Slightest sleepy movement as a puppy already with delight runs to welcome you in new day at the crack of dawn. Its energy will envy the most spacious coffee fields.
Even if you were never a lark, the lovely joyful muzzle and the tail wagging here and there will almost force you to forget that on hours only 5:30 in the morning.
5. A bed – fine storage … only.
you decided to let a puppy to a bed? We congratulate, most likely, now it will begin to perform one more important function – storages important for small four-footed things: toys, vkusnyashka half eaten and if strongly does not carry, even moderately slobbered socks which the kid at you masterly pulls down.
the French bulldog on a photo pillow Photo: pixabay.com
6. To write always and everywhere.
Puppies are as small children, only without pampers. And sometimes at all it seems that to keep in themselves so much liquid simply physically and it is logically impossible …
In good weather you spend more time on the street and, in order to avoid the eternal exhausting cleaning, do not forget to remove carpets from floors.
the puppy sits on a carpet Photo: pixabay.com
7. Kisses – a daily ritual.
would Seem who does not love when the puppy shows the love? Only often the kid is sure that the best time to attack you with tendernesses — right after you smeared hands with cream, made up nails or did a make-up. What here you will tell, they are able to choose a right moment.
the lovely puppy fell asleep on photo hands Photo: pixabay.com
the Puppy is a heavy responsibility, it is a lot of work and attention. But for certain each fan of dogs will agree that these little beings are worth really it!
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