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A: color of eyes of a cat is not connected with color of her wool in any way, and here color of eyes of thoroughbred animals, as a rule, more intensive. Learn about it more!

Dzheyna Kelly ( J of aneA Kelley) | January, 2018

Eyes of my cat the finest and unusual of what I ever saw. When I manage to glance in these wonderful eyes in the sunny day, they beautiful greenish color, just like the sea, but I do not manage to imprint it on a photo in any way. In the majority of pictures of her eye turn out in golden tones. But whatever that were eyes of your cat, behind each pet there is a remarkable story about how they became such. Here several interesting facts about color of eyes of our favourites having a tail:

7 interesting facts about color of eyes of cats

1. Iris of the eye

Yes, it is color area of an eye, around a pupil. The iris of the eye has two layers: Strom and epithelium. Both of these layers contain the pigmento-making cages – melanotsita. Are fixed in Strom Melanotsity poorly, and here in an epithelium of a cage stay put more reliably.

2. All about melanin

The pigment made by melanotsita is called melanin. Some time ago I had one article on genetics of color of hair of cats, in it I explained that melanin plays the important defining role in that how dark will be a fur coat of your pet. All in the same way and with cat's eyes: the more melanitsit in an iris of the eye of a cat, the will be is more dark at an animal by eyes. But among мурлык do not meet individuals brown or black eyes as it happens among people, the most dark cat's eyes are a deep, dark copper.

3. The intensity of color of eyes of cats depends on activity of melanotsit

If the cages producing melanin are very active, means at color of eyes of an animal will be very intensive. For example, the cat or a cat with average quantity of highly active melanotsit will possess bright yellow eyes with a gold shade, and if melanotsita are less active, with same the quantity of cages will look an individual at the world citreous eyes.

4. At thoroughbred cats of an eye of more rich color

Thoroughbred animals have to conform to standards of breed that often stipulates color of eyes. Therefore manufacturers choose kittens with more rich color of an iris of certain flowers. Here, for example, the Bombay cats have to possess according to the standard eyes of color of copper, and representatives of Tonkinsky breed have to be blue-eyed, and color has to be bright, a shade of "akv".

7 interesting facts about color of eyes of cats

5. At blue-eyed cats the iris of the eye does not contain melanin

Did you sometime notice what the windowpane which seems to us absolutely transparent in the middle casts blue or green at the edges? It is result of light refraction through a transparent surface. Too most happens to blue-eyed cats. In their iris there is yet no pigment and as eyes have the sphere form light refracts on the rounded surface and gives effect of blue color in cat's eyes.

6. There is a communication between melanin and color of eyes of kittens

Kittens are born blue-eyed because their melanotsita did not begin to work yet. With age melanotsita begin to function and eyes become that color which is intended to them by the nature. Color of eyes begins to be shown at the age of 4-6 weeks, and is finally made out to 4 m to months.

7 interesting facts about color of eyes of cats

7. As a rule, color of fur and color of eyes of cats are not really connected

Color of wool and color of eyes of our fluffy favourites is controlled by different genes so melanotsita in fibers can be more (or on the contrary) are less active, than their to gather, living in an iris. So nothing surprising when the black-black cat has pale-yellow light-nut eyes. And here light Persians can be owners of dark copper eyes. The only exception of this rule – white cats. Because the gene of white color is prepotent and suppresses other colors, white cats in the majority goluboglaza, than other representatives of a species of other flowers.

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