• Nov 15, 2019

Desire to get a dog often fights against fear of responsibility for the living being, continuous care, additional maintenance costs and many other reasons. But actually owners of these remarkable animals have much more advantages. They cannot be measured by money or the number of free time.

7 reasons to get a dog about which scientists are not tired to go on

Banish a depression

Remember how at the sight of a little puppy your person grows stout in a smile, and inside there is something that awakes exclusively positive emotions. This reaction is absolutely involuntary, it is stronger than us. Owners of dogs know that their pets are capable to read out emotions of the person. And say about representatives of some breeds that they also are able to smile. Anyway long owners do not manage to arrive in sad mood – the pet will surely demand to himself attention and will stir up the owner. Walking with the favourite, you will be forced to be more often in the fresh air that only in the best way will affect your health. Besides you should communicate more, meets people, other owners of dogs. Communication, positive emotions and walks – the best prevention of depressive moods.

Keep seven

Dogs evolved from wolves several millennia ago. But some lines of wolf character remained at them and presently. Wolves live in big flocks, and they very much developed the related relations. And the pet living in family considers it the pack, and the head of the family (or the direct owner) – the leader. To other family members treat as brothers or sisters. Even look after small children of a dog of large breeds, preserving them against falling, protecting sometimes with maternal care. The pet quite can relieve emotionally intense tension in family. When someone interferes with the spontaneous conflict between two people the third, the feeling of uneasiness decreases, and the situation is stabilized. Your pet can become "lightning rod", having reduced the number of the conflicts. House shaggy "psychotherapist" one presence will help to keep a quiet microclimate in family.

Can become donors

Dogs after a year, but are not more senior than 8 years, can become donors. This is not about blood transfusion to the person. But they can quite save other four-footed being. Certainly, the dog has to be imparted and healthy. The breed for donorship does not matter, and here the temper of the favourite has to be balanced. The decision on donorship quadrupeds not can is accepted independently, usually for them it is done by owners. But in most cases those owners whose favourite already used donor blood help.

Do owners by more cheerful

Games with a pet of the house and in the fresh air give to owners many positive emotions. Four-leg with pleasure drive a ball on the sports ground, bring the stick or a toy thrown by the owner, execute commands not only on demand, but also for the sake of an entertainment of younger family members. They with pleasure give a paw, dance attendance, and command execution "die" brings members of household into full delight. Such entertainments do life of owners more joyful and sated with a positive.

Give activity and excellent physical shape

Whatever one may do, but with a pet it is necessary to walk at least twice a day. Walk duration – not less than 40 minutes. On the one hand it is a tiresome duty, but with another – need of walk disciplines the owner, not to explain to the pet what needs to be suffered until the owner has a mood or when the rain ends. Some breeds, especially hunting, need constant physical activities. And the owner as the real trainer, these loadings divides with the favourite. Here also it turns out that walks in the fresh air and sports activities together with the pet give to owners of animals excellent physical shape and give a cheerfulness charge.

Help to find friends

A dog – it is unconditional, the best friend of the person. But still she helps the owner to be socialized better, to feel less the isolation. Nearly 60% of all owners of dogs noted that a circle of acquaintances thanks to the favourite expanded. When you walk with the dog and meet the same owners walking four-leg, you greet and communicate. At most of people the dog is associated with reduction of feeling of loneliness.

Increase life expectancy

Only 15 minutes of communication with the favourite improve health of the person, increasing serotonin level – hormone of joy and good health. For people of advanced age the dog often becomes a partner, helping to endure losses and loneliness. Presence of four-leg therapists improve appetite and work of a brain. Besides, the long contact of the person with an animal reduces cholesterol level, reduces risk of a stroke and coronary heart disease. The Swedish scientists claim that at owners of dogs the risk of premature death decreases by 33%, and the probability of development of diseases of vessels and heart – for 11%. Seeing eye dogs are irreplaceable assistants for poorly seeing people. Owners of dogs, even respectable age, live for several months, and even years, longer.

Presence of a pet in the house will decorate and will secure your life. Besides will provide positive emotions and joy of communication. Once having appeared in your life, the dog will change it forever.

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