• Sep 17, 2019

Photos of animals undoubtedly now are so popular in Instagram as food, fashion, sport and travel. Accounts of pets have thousands and hundreds of thousands of subscribers now. Millions of people thumb through the tapes in search of video and a photo with touching animals to satisfy the thirst for "mimimishnost".

Therefore if you the happy owner of the fluffy pet also want to divide with the world moments of life with the canine friend, our councils for you.

1. Tell a story

Acquaint the guests and future subscribers with history of your pet. As you had an animal whether it was taken from a shelter, or it is rare breed. Perhaps, your pet has an interesting destiny or there are some features, unusual abilities, strangenesses of character. What distinguishes it from others? Tell about it one offer, holds in the Instagram profile cap so much. Master storytelling as the most important instrument of involvement of audience. This skill very much is useful to you for witty signatures under posts.

2. Place only those qualitative photos

If you already created the account and shared history of the pet, time to fill your page with photos came. Now in Instagarm there came the era of qualitative content. People like clean beautiful bright fida therefore we strongly recommend to estimate honestly quality of the photos that only the best were included in the film. Photos have to be original, clean esthetic and pleasant. Try to do a photo at natural lighting, look for the beautiful background which is not overloaded with excess details, use special programs for processing of photos before their placement, the best of free: Snapseed, VSCO, PicsArt. Try to make mainly horizontal photos (it concerns both a photo, and video)

photo: andrewknapp

3. Observe uniform style

Fid issued in one style is one more important tool allowing to reach popularity. Try different filters, the principles of placement/alternation of a photo. Be inspired by other accounts of your subject, but do not try to repeat them in accuracy. The identical style cannot suit all. We advise to think of character of the pet, to estimate his color and other external features to determine brightness suitable you, color scale, thermal balance, etc. for settings when processing photos. Perhaps, it will take you a lot of time, but this necessary condition of creation of really qualitative account, with a large number of subscribers.

photo: thiswildidea

4. Use suitable hashtags

Use of the correct tags will allow your posts to become more popular as in this case will see them more users what is especially important if your account is still absolutely young and it has few subscribers. Conduct the personal research. What tags are most relevant to your pet? It will help you to attract new audience and to get to already developed communities. Use as very popular tags as, for example, #фотокошек, and tags with narrower audience #кошканакрыше. Try to include tags in English and also think up own tags with which you will sign each photo that will allow to find you easily. But be accurate! You should not overload a post with tags too, the Instagram robot of it does not love. To you in the help there will be service stagram.com

5. Keep in contact with the audience

To support the constant high level of the involvement, you need to do posts at least once a day, and it is better two – in the morning and in the evening. You will need to find out the best time for placement of photos independently. Usually, this morning and early evening. Do not forget to put also likes and to comment on posts of the subscribers and those on whom you are signed. The Instagram, is social network therefore to be popular in it, you need to be socially active. You keep up with spelling and a punctuation, be polite and benevolent.

6. Be inspired and dream

What lovely, touching and amusing was not your pet, the same pose in the same location or very similar shots quickly become boring. Look round. Perhaps on your usual walking route interesting places come across: beautiful walls, cozy court yard or "dog friendly" of cafe where it is possible to make a photo what did not get to your photostream yet. And, maybe, your fluffy friend is able to ride a board or likes to dress up? It can become a reason for beautiful shots too.

Collect a requisite which will well look on a photo and bring a separate board to Pinterest where you will attach, inspiring you on creativity, the ideas.

Photo: itsdougthepug

7. Plan

Observation of the pet, photography and processing and also maintenance of communication with audience can take a lot of time. Besides, navryadl you want to refuse the commonplaces for the sake of excess hour in Instagram. Therefore insistently we advise you to install the special application scheduler which will allow you to load and sign once several photos on the phone to guarantee you regular posts with the necessary frequency without your participation.

the Application in AppleStore

8. Derive pleasure from process!

The greatest advantage in your decision to keep the account of the pet, is the fact that you will spend more time together! To seize the interesting moments, emotions and manifestations of an animal, you need to watch more it from far away or more often to involve in a game, and it will bring steadily joy to both. Just do not forget to keep always the camera in readiness.

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