• Nov 16, 2018


Look at this happy dog by nickname Benny! To such happy expression achievement of year – half the door eaten by it was the reason.

Benny's mistress, Stacie, caught the rascal red-handed, and his photo was seen by all Internet.

photo: metro.co.uk

Stacie says that Benny could not look happier even if he would like, looking out of "a dog door" of own work and actively wagging a tail. "I came into the house and saw his muzzle in a hole. It was so happy with itself(himself)!

As though said: "Mother, watch what I made!"".

photo: metro.co.uk


Benny – a hybrid of a bull terrier and German shepherd therefore chewing abilities at him are developed by nature.

The hostess to these is perplexed from the event and puzzles as in general it was possible to gnaw a hole of such sizes at doors. About rescue and its repair, of course, and the speech could not go therefore the door went straight to a fire.

"It is very loveful dog-ulybashka, very clever. He precisely knew that he does. But I even cannot become angry about him. When I saw that he did, burst out laughing just to tears. I do not understand at all how at him it turned out".

photo: metro.co.uk

"Under a door was not even any crack because so thick carpet. That is he, probably, accurately gnawed through a small hole, and further claws were put to use. Pieces of this door everywhere – from the living room to kitchen the whole path from them".

Stacie assumed that Benny could be frightened of fireworks which that evening was very much, as something caused nervousness and desire to gnaw.

But she notices:

"Though he never before showed before fear of them".

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