• Oct 20, 2020

now Alay looks quite cheerfully, is well-groomed and is happy. Only few months ago its future seemed to it illusive: hunger, dumps and absolute loneliness — what filled his life. Also it is a high time to despair, but Alay did not surrender.

Happy-go-lucky and from hopelessness thrown алабай came on the operating plant. Found to itself a corner and modestly coexisted in the working outskirts with hard workers. One of them, smoking aside from a checkpoint the next cigarette, noticed alone wandering dog. Alay was not aggressive, despite the powerful constitution, and even on the contrary. In the dog look asking about the help the man saw something special, native. By all means there was a wish to help what the man could.


Он brought every day 100 vw a little, but tasty and tolerable food, talked with alabay and even patched to it couple of wounds. Then his spouse also joined the man. About an alabaa two worried and this was practically family, but the situation began to change when the man had to replace the place of work, and behind it and the place of zhitelstvo. But Alay was not thrown, reported to a local shelter.

So the dog had a hope once to become the best friend forever. Alay surveyed, washed up, cured its old fighting wounds. It appeared, Alay not such and defenseless. From time to time at it directly well paws itched from what it clashed in cruelty to a fight with local skilled and why on his body a set of lacerations from stings more than once. But the most amazing here that! Алабай haunted not only relatives, but also people. In a body of a dog two pellets were found.


Собака daily moved with balls of gun fraction which could not only make its for disabled, but also at all deprive of life. Potential suicide bomber every day veins as the last. But now it is a high time to forget about alarms and at last to put tireless search of tranquility and the corner on a pause. Now Alay in a shelter, so it already halfway to the following purpose — to find family and to become for someone the best friend. Yes, the guy does not love the competition, but worships the person. Looking for a firm sure support and ready to provide the same support to this guy, come to get acquainted!

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