• Oct 26, 2020

Is a formula of the ideal pet? Probably, that which will not leave in trouble superfluous will not ask this, will always support, will console and will amuse. Such there was also this dog. She was named Alice, but she, alas, did not inherit the fate of the heroine of the known fantastic plot. Also it got not to the wonderland at all, and to family where about happy plots even did not smell.

The healthy large young dog of breed алабай was just thrown out on the run. On the busy road where every minute asphalt is cut at reckless speed by cars, one of them braked. Though on small, but speeds from opened a back door of salon threw out on the carriageway of the pet. The girl is large, but to resist were not either forces, or desire. This almost deadly act over her was made by her closest people — owners. What did not arrange in a dog and why in such brutal way decided to get rid of her — forever will remain a riddle.


Девочка wandered on the road, running across a counter and passing flow. She waited what her former members of household changed the mind. That they were mistaken that they by all means wait for her somewhere nearby, having stopped on a roadside. And near this place where there was Alice, cars really stopped. The switched-on "emergency signal" inspired in Alice hope that these people arrived behind it, but every time this light was deceptive, for a dog nobody returned, the shelter did not address, did not worry and did not look for the thrown dog.

Alice still long time could not forget this predstatelstvo, this last trip forever crossed out her happy life. And the dog became passenger suicide bomber because to push out a dog from a car on the run — means, at least to cripple her or to doom to please about wheels, for weeks to look for food, to die of hunger and cold, to be filled with haters of vagrant animals. This act promised nothing good to a dog, but she could survive.


Со time Alice became softer than figcaption id="caption-attachment-29258", more open and sociable. It seems, she even began to smile, recovered, calmed down and waits for sterilization. But even more she waits again to become favourite and not to disappoint anybody. We are sure, such dog cannot just give reasons for disappointment. Alice looks for the house!

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