• Sep 24, 2020

the Big robust fellow was terribly offended. Someone who before soul in it did not hope respected, preserved, divided sorrows and pleasures, arrived bestially. First, the animal was thrown. And not just to the mercy of fate, and in the present an imprisonment placed once favourite being.

The metis alaby sat on a leash. Its old erased dirty rope chained to a tree. And as in the legendary fable, and day and night алабай everything goes on a chain around. The dog sat without water, without food, in the crude earth, in a pool of own excrement. And not only treachery of the former owners, but also indifference of the people passing a row is terrible.


Пожалел poor fellow only one person. The man at last cut off a dirty heavy burden rope, for the first time for long days gave to drink and fed a dog, stroked and led home. But the man will not be able long to hold at himself the athlete therefore he addressed volunteers, and now they address each not indifferent. Suddenly, someone will want to take away a bear cub?!

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