• Dec 3, 2020

Pear officially is considered a mongrel. But its character, manners and appearance say that at blood the pet in the old past has shades whether a Shar-Pei, alaby. Generally, the dog turned out stately, beautiful, large and incredibly kind. She would leave the excellent fighting girlfriend or the pleasant interlocutor, even the guide or good mother. But with the last did not grow together.


Груша as a result of vagrant life and uncontrolled communication with other animals nevertheless learned that such motherhood. Gave rise to posterity and tried to support it. One of ways was simple, but sometimes very dangerous. Pear was engaged in begging. What you will go for the sake of children to. Wandered at shopping centers on purpose pity to elicit a piece of bread or to find it, thrown out in a garbage ballot box. Sometimes search was crowned with success, but most often in exchange on entreaties about food it got reproaches, and sometimes and skins legs.

Grusha moved off in searches of food together with children. Especially ruthless person selected puppies and Grusha. Where they disappeared and whether they are alive, Grusha does not know still. She very much suffered from it. Howled constantly every day in attempts to make oneself heard to children in case suddenly they will hear and will respond on disturbing maternal howl. But the miracle did not occur and it is hardly worth expecting return of children since, most likely, they are already dead.


Несколько weeks Grusha was on rehabilitation. It got to a shelter in critical condition. She was fattened and consoled almost round the clock. And it yielded results. Grusha could overcome bitterness of loss. It is ready to go further, despite tragic events of the biography. We hope, someone will be able to warm heart of this young girl completely, to become her friend to whom she will be able sometimes to be cried on life or on the contrary to help to divide human life burdens. Pear looks for the house!

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