• Sep 29, 2020

of This strange five-year-old dog can already hardly surprise with something. Unless good attitude to it. What is family, a cosiness and care, he remembers from own rare memoirs. The dog lived in family and paid him attention on mood that was extremely unusual occurrence therefore quite often the dog remained in absolute house exile and loneliness.


Кое-как Bim stretched 100 vw to figcaption id="caption-attachment-28803" long five years in family though his former family insistently proved to volunteers that this dog — the one for whom people so long looked for and waited. Time went, Bim reminded the full member of family less and finally refused it. Here so just the dog with a nickname of the legendary book hero repeated his destiny.


Белый Bim with a black ear, as well as his namesake, long and painfully waited for return of owners, let they also were avaricious on caress and kindness. The miracle did not occur. Bim finally became the frequenter of a shelter, but it does not cancel his infinite hope that once the person who will teach to love it will enter a door and to be favourite anew. Incorrigible in love to the person Bim looks for the house!

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