• Jan 15, 2021

This story would be the same as hundreds of others as a result of which animals remain on the street. However, these poor fellows much less, more precisely, at all had no chances of acquisition of family. Three stray dogs were immured alive.

It was necessary to survive independently from the earliest age. Little sisters quickly divided duties and helped each other who than can.


В search of the better life was beaten to a local court yard. There they were fed up sometimes by residents. But later time the yard became empty, people became less, the atmosphere became empty. Without having understood in what business, dogs on a habit went to the found corner — the cellar of the house. And it was the last time when they came there. Next day, every other day, two, three, week or even month could not get out of the cellar any more.

Once native place was the real imprisonment, and dogs were immured alive. As it became clear, the yard appeared at local administration in plans under demolition. Even residents were already moved, and about the locked animals in the cellar whether not known, whether forgotten, whether locked deliberately.


Напуганные, the grown weak, hungry, stood three tails were wrapped up the friend in the friend and did not hope to be found any more. But the miracle happened. Two of them already managed to get the house and the loving family. And here the last, Alik, well in any way. Though there are no occasions not to pay attention to this beauty at all. Kind, sympathetic, friendly, grateful will keep you the company as the best friend for the rest of life. Look narrowly at the girl!

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