• Feb 4, 2021

of the Hero of this story call Graf. The pet was called as called royal persons earlier. The count really lived richly and is spacious as if in the best traditions of wealthy families of the Middle Ages. It, being a puppy, with pleasure the family to the big spacious house with all conveniences, and, above all – love and care to the pet took away.


Целый year Grafi carried out 100 vw by figcaption id="caption-attachment-30763" in such royal conditions. Itself could not rejoice to the happiness, he is a metis of a Shar-Pei, was thrown out by a puppy on the street. Owners of one of Graff's parents were not glad to mixture of blood and wanted to see children metises not especially. After all Graff was inexpressibly lucky to appear in family where closed eyes to his semi-breed. But this happiness was short. The family sold the house and moved. Quickly packed all things as if there was some trouble, but the favourite pet was left intentionally on the site to the mercy of fate.

The count at first very much grieved and still hoped for return of the family of people to it, but those did not hurry to take away the pet. Finally Graf became homeless again. Will report about him in a shelter a bit later and will bring him there. Graf arrived in the place where lose hope and the soil under legs, without special joy. He at that time already understood that he lost family and remained the orphan, but at the same time it kept the advantage and worldly wisdom. It is that Graf does not harbor a grudge and rage at the people who threw him.


Со humility, understanding and gratitude it hosted these events, had patience and again is ready to meet people with open arms. Count at heart very kind and sympathetic dog. Rather large guy weighs about 18 kilograms, and in withers has the size in 45 centimeters. It is imparted and castrated, accustomed to walking and to house life. Reaches for the person, easily understands him and always seeks to find a common language. Here he earned such summary to himself for the whole year, whether still will be, it be Graf in careful and responsible family. This wonderful guy looks for the house!

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