• Oct 23, 2020

the Real handsome by the name of Butler became practically a legend of one of residential quarters of the city of Sochi. And this fabulosity was connected not with positive intonations at all. The metis of a dalmatian was ignored at first. The pet was thrown out and loafed on heels for people in hope that those will allow it to eat. Sometimes Butler went to the local parking and long turned among cars as if left the most expensive thing there or had to meet the loved one.


Чутье did not deceive also Butler. It understood clearly: somewhere there it was once left. And now Butler daily in the morning, during the lunchtime and in the evening again and again returns to the same place with hope that it was forgotten nevertheless or lost, did not leave intentionally at all and will surely return. Such belief with the last bit of strength became horror how to enrage locals. A hungry dirty stray dog — it is simply inadmissible. Therefore the favor was replaced in relation to Butler with anger very quickly. Its began to survive. Shouted, banished, threw garbage into a trace. And only one person could not watch all this indifferently.


Батлера defined 100 vw in a shelter. Carried to Moscow by train. There were fears as the thrown dog will prove with strangers in a stressful situation. But left quite harmlessly, moreover, the guy showed all the skill, gallantry and education. Butler was very tender and playful house teenager. Butler is only 9 months old, and he should learn still a lot of things, however, he is already inquisitive, active, cheerful, cheerful, despite treachery. Healthy, active, compact and moderately well-fed guy looks for the house!

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