• Jun 17, 2020

Mila represents one of the most popular breeds of little dogs. A Yorkshire terrier — popular breed, they clever and bright, and puppies surprise admirers and always find delighted looks.


Именно so happened to Mila. It was pleasant to the future family at once. Members of household quickly found a common language, and souls in each other did not hope long four years. And all it seemed cloudless. Warm communication, cheerful pastime — about happy Mila's life in the family knew everything in their house, and neighbors every time be touched to the naughty beautiful baby and noticed as owners with this beauty were lucky.

Time went and Mila about a palm slowly grew up from a tiny puppy the young young lady. Mila's growing was in inverse proportion to the interest over time decreasing to a dog. Mila at first did not notice it, and then got used at all that now she not one and one at the same time. But not only the emotional connection worsened in family. To Mila ceased to show though some care and attention and missed early development of a disease of the girl.

At Mila began to inflate a stomach over time and the back grew bald. Owners did not pay any attention to it, writing off everything for breed and age, specific features of a dog. Strong indications of the developing diseases did not disturb owners, only the appearance of a dog and her general weakness disturbed more precisely. Nobody wanted to be engaged in it, and to replace with a new healthy puppy — option suitable.


Милу was decided to lull. This cruel plan was witnessed by neighbors. They reported about brutal plans of owners in time to a local shelter which decided to take under Mila's guardianship instead of lulling her. Big problems with kidneys were found in Mila and also the serious illness — Cushing's syndrome is revealed. The terrier withered in the eyes, and some more months of desolation could end for a dog fatally. To the baby appointed treatment, now she at a slow, but right stage of recovery also is a high time to look narrowly at the little girl!

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