• Feb 26, 2020

Valera is serious mister. He could endure that the few animals manage him. Lost, but was not given — perhaps, such motto best of all suits fluffy creation. The cat completely has no fourth paw.

What happened to Valera, nobody knows. He came to a shelter in an awful state: weigh beaten with multiple wounds and grazes. And, above all — the cat had no paw! And on its place — the bleeding wound.


Медики a shelter right there rushed to save an animal. They accurately and carefully processed cuts, removed pus, sewed up, stopped all bruises and processed wounds most qualitatively.

Some time was necessary to Valera very hard. He did not get used to such care and attention from the person. He had to adapt long to medical interventions and to stay in a hospital.

After Valera coped with adaptation and healing, its state considerably improved. The fluffy small animal absolutely adapted and learned to move on three paws. Now, except a visual component, he differs in nothing from other cats. Also runs, jumps, plays, sleeps and eats. Perhaps, it at it turns out slightly more slowly, than at the others, but it turns out! And this is important. The cat with iron endurance, force will, but at the same time very tender and sociable looks for the house!

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