• Jan 20, 2021

This poor fellow on a photo is called Kroner. It was named already in a shelter, in the place where, probably, for the first time in his life decided to take care of it. Before he lived on the street in the private sector.

Kroner once was stately and powerful, now from former beauty and force remained skin and bone. The dog belongs to the German breed. Time a sheep-dog has excellent qualities, force, persistence, endurance and to be it the security guard or the slave. And for faithful service — food. But, probably, Kroner did not become a sentry dog, he just wanted to be favourite and did not cope with the service which is thought up to it from what he, probably, and starved for months.


Сидел alone on a chain both in the afternoon, and at night, and during a heat, and in a frost under a strict collar which pierced in skin and squeezed breath. But once nevertheless paid to the pet attention. When Kroner it was wounded, the paw had to be tied up. According to the former owners, doctors too hardly patched a wound and when to remove bandage — did not tell. Respectively, owners also did not remove this bandage. Also did not pay attention to the bleeding, suppurating wound, both to infection, and to lameness of the pet.

Bandage alive grew into skin of a sheep-dog, forming a huge wound. Skin was cut on two parts on both sides of which the purulent blood-stained fabric stuck out. And this terrifying picture did not frighten owners at all. They considered that the wound in itself will heal, and bandage will drop out. It did not happen, the animal just suffered from pain. And when got bandage, it became clear that in a wound forgot also cotton wool which just decayed.


Помимо the decaying fabric the pet was dehydrated, strongly exhausted by figcaption id="caption-attachment-30549", slightly run wild, and on his body there was a set of traces from strictly collar and even, perhaps, beatings of his unfortunate pupils. But Kroner, despite these mockeries, did not lose trust to the person. Now he in a shelter, threatens nothing to it, on the contrary. Inspection and rehabilitation are necessary to a sheep-dog. He is rather adult, the guy is 14 years old, but it does not mean that it is hopeless. Kroner doubts so far whether to it in the new place it will be good, but it is temporary until he tasted nourishing life with kind people nearby. We will look for family Krone, despite its bitter experience.

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