• Jan 22, 2020

to Lose the favourite pet very hard. At such moment important that people who will help to endure a grief were near. And sometimes necessary support comes from those from whom you do not wait for it at all. And it happened to Joseph whose dog, Bailey, left on a rainbow.

Photo: boredpanda.com
When Bailey died, the owner strongly longed. However it was necessary to get it together and to move further.
remained With Joseph the sealed package of expensive forage which he bought in pet-shop on the future. Not to translate now unnecessary food, the man addressed to shop and asked whether it is possible to return a package back.

Photo: boredpanda.com
the Answer struck it – employees decided not to take away a forage back, and suggested Joseph to offer instead it in any organization which to it to liking. But at the same time money for goods all the same returned to it!
Photo: boredpanda.com
But on it everything did not end with
. Several days later to Joseph the parcel from this pet-shop – the small picture painted by oil came. On it Bailey was represented.

Photo: boredpanda.com
was attached To a parcel a note: "Pets come to our life, leave marks on our heart, and we change forever. We send you a lot of love and kind thoughts. If suddenly something is required to you, we always nearby".

Photo: boredpanda.com
was very much touched by reaction of staff of shop, and he wrote a post to Facebook in which shared the history. It was already seen by tens of thousands of people worldwide. So, the good act presented to Joseph a smile, and the companies – new clients (for certain). Real circle of good.

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