• Jan 15, 2020

Residents of the State of Kansas were shocked with history of two saved puppies recently.

Wes, the plumber by profession, arrived on a call to an apartment house to repair a pipe. But it found there not only malfunction.

Having come into one of apartments, Wes saw the little puppies of a pit bull terrier closed in a close cage. They stood knee-deep in dirt from waste products, and their muzzles were tied hardly up by elastic bands.

photo: worldanimalnews.com
Wes took away puppies from awful conditions and gave in a charge of responsible professionals. On reception at the veterinarian it became clear that elastic bands pressed to kids of a muzzle not less than 12 hours. If Wes arrived a little later, then the harm done by them would be a disaster. Damages would lead to necrosis of fabric on lips.
of Puppies were called by Violette and Vilson, now to them look for the new house. And their former owners will incur the corresponding punishment when they are found by police.
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