• Feb 4, 2021

one of small, but very initiative Russian zoo-communities dazzled Still just few weeks ago on the social networks very lovely, kind and radiant photos of family which became happier on the whole one member of household. The young couple got posterity in the form of a pet. The guy and the girl, having seen a photo of with pleasure sleeping chubby shchenochk, were stupefied and on the same day solved: the child by all means needs parents, and they will be able to become for this puppy the best mother and the father. And for memory imprinted this event on a photo.


Это the photo also scattered on social networks with loud and happy exclamations: "Puppy of the house". All had no joy of a limit: both at a puppy, and at his parents, and at employees of a shelter who nursed the baby. To the lucky woman there was a girl by the name of Tafi. In spite of the fact that she is a mongrel, appeared in a shelter from the street, it turned out the real beauty.

The girl of gentle color of coffee with milk, the compact size with improbable kind eyes did not manage to enjoy the happy house life at all. It through some few months was just returned. Without the reasons, without explanations and without shame. At the same time the young couple complained of the fact that the puppy grew at all not it what they expected him to see. There is a wish to ask: and who brought up it all this time? Gold time! That when the puppy begins to understand as well as what needs to be done, builds the life, habits and behavior. And this gold time was completely missed.


Нет, Tafi neither the stubborn, nor a rough, nor an aggressive dog who, on the contrary, it is very trained, clever and adaptive. But during this time it grew up, and from her puppyish prettiness a little what remained. Now its chances of the device much more decrease, just because its former owners all nalgat and spent puppy time dullly.

Played a cunning trick concerning the love and patience, concerning the desire and sensibleness, responsibility. Be at people such qualities, with the child would be engaged and trained him in everything that would make a dog of even more perfect. Any puppy requires a lot of attention, especially it is important in the childhood.


Как is a pity that not all this is understood and follow the line of least resistance, wishing to receive all ready and at once, without any efforts. But with this beauty and special efforts it is not necessary to put. To love her, to be respectful to her, to direct and help. Only in that case the dog will surely answer the same, devotion, thrift, understanding. Taf – the real clear head, we are sure you of it, be assured of it and you! Taf are looked for by the house!

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