• May 2, 2020

Prior to a quarantine in any city was the city vanity. In the morning and in the evening continuous rush hour. All hurry for work, on personal records, to bring children to school, to buy products, to pay bank accounts, to come into drugstore behind drugs, on mail — behind a parcel. In a chain of events everyone thinks of himself, forgetting to look back sometimes on the parties. So blood-stained bulldog appeared in the thick of things among one hundred people.


Собака was exhausted from pain and powerlessness, and nobody wanted to help it. Whether pretended that do not notice the covered with wounds animal, whether it is valid at everyone the hut. But the animal needing the urgent help nearly bled to death. It had one chance of one million, and it to it turned up. The bulldog was noticed by the girl and, having postponed all the affairs, rushed to save the baby. In a clinic concluded: in a womb of a bulldog a dead puppy. Too big fruit therefore to take out to term and the dog independently could not give birth to the kid on light. Rules of the nature decided to leave in live only mother. But if does not fray passing by the girl, both would remain the dead.

Sasha endured difficult operation. The dead puppy was taken from a body, cleaned bodies, processed wounds and imposed seams. The baby with advantage transferred the most difficult manipulations and slowly recovers. They also, as well as any other look, feel changes in themselves and prepare for them.


Во-вторых, Sasha understands that the former life happy it was or not, will not be any more. It is necessary to get used to new realities which sometimes frighten her. Sasha will soon look for the new house, new family which, by the way, has to understand, with what awe and special care it is necessary to treat the baby. It only just left from under a surgical knife. It needs special leaving. But it is temporary as soon as the girl gets stronger, she will pay back with the most precious coin — devotion and boundless love.

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