• Aug 14, 2019

often belong To small doggies scornfully. Nedosobaki supposedly walking misunderstanding. To use from them any, and they are silly pustolayka.

You will not call similar judgment fair.

English Toy Terrier of a Photo
Small doggies do not deserve neglect from our party.

As small doggies were removed?

You can not believe, but all best friends of the person, from the Irish wolfhound to a chihuahua, occurred from one ancestor – a gray wolf. So, all of them are full-fledged dogs, irrespective of the size.

Besides, small doggies were not always idlers. Practically each of breeds which it is nowadays accepted to call decorative was removed for quite itself the practical purposes.

For example, the doggie which is laying claim to the smallest of a chihuahua, appeared as a result of crossing of a techicha with Chinese crested which caught rats by the Spanish ships. Chihuahuas still not of shy ten, even call them "little soldiers", and is quite deserved.

Ancestors of toy terriers – a tiny kind of the Manchester terrier, nearly the best rat catcher of Great Britain.

Ancestors of a modern Yorkshire terrier battled against rats in coal mines.

And now present how many the courage has to be in a tiny being to enter single combat with a rat – the opponent very dangerous to which hunters where about the lshy size give in! Not for nothing desperately battling fighter is compared to "the rat driven into a corner". Yorkshire terriers had not just to enter single combat with a dangerous rodent, and to win a victory behind a victory, dying in the last ditch – differently they just would not survive!

Unless it is possible to call courageous kids of "nedosobakama" after that?

Yorkshire Terrier Rat Catcher

Yorkshire terriers were brought as brave working dogs, bravery not being inferior to large relatives, and even surpassing them. Real terriers!

4 myths about small doggies

Myth 1. Small doggies it is not obligatory to walk

As we were already convinced, small doggies differ in nothing from big. And requirements at them the same.

Among other things, a duty of owners – to provide them 5 rights (5 freedoms) on which has the right to count any pet. Including an opportunity to carry out vidotipichny behavior. So to explore the environment and to communicate with relatives. So walking for them is obligatory.

Myth 2. Little dogs are silly pustolayka

Long ago it is proved that the intelligence of a dog does not depend on breed. Any dog can be trained and brought up – in any case, to that degree which is necessary that the canine friend comfortably felt in society and well fitted into it.

Not wine of kids that owners often do not take the trouble to be engaged with the pet and do not allow to be realized to their potential.

As a result sometimes not only small doggies, but also all people around suffer.

Myth 3. Small doggies – angry and "biting"

Small doggies by the nature are not more evil than big. But they live in the dangerous world inhabited by huge beings who can cripple or even to kill so tiny being. So their fears for the life and aspiration to defend are quite justified.

Besides, the mood and desires of little dogs are not taken often into consideration. For example, squeeze without demand when the pet has on it no mood or he decided to take a nap. And when the kid tries to show that to him it is uncomfortable, do not pay attention.

You want, you do not want – you will become embittered for the whole world … Whether but dog it is wine?

Myth 4. Small doggies "parasitize" on owners

Like, to use from them any, and the attention and leaving are demanded how many! However let's look at a question impartially.

The person gets a dog with a definite purpose. It is necessary for him that it was loved, rejoiced at a meeting that was for whom to look after. Ah and, sometimes – that someone decorated an interior. And small doggies successfully satisfy all these requirements. And here their requirements (see myths 1 – 3) are satisfied not always.

Who on whom parasitizes? Big question!
Yorkshire Terrier with a Toy Now Yorkshire terriers can catch unless toy rats. But unless their wine what people do not give the chance to realize "teryersky" potential?

Offensively for real (though small) doggies. Perhaps, time to restore justice came? To whom, how not to us? What do you think?

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