• Nov 18, 2020

Are owners indifferent which take pets impulsively, without thinking, living here and now, unconsciously. As result — neither warmly, nor it is cold from this union to nobody. There are owners cruel, offended by life and themselves therefore all universal injustice vent the anger on an environment.

Scoff at pets, starve, beat, poison, smother — stories enough. And there are also those who love pets very much, and cannot take care of them, alas. Circumstances change, vital peripetias influence living conditions, health, financial problems worsens — yes anything is divided by lives on "to" and "later". And from these changes painfully and bitterly at heart everything, including to people.


Бульдога by nickname Frosya brought 100 vw in a deplorable state.
Wool was all in bald spots, bare, dirty, with rash and irritations. A body, paws, small pillows, nails, mucous — everything is inflamed. These wounds was in the dive, for certain, brought to the pet pain.

The place in a shelter where it was planned to conduct a bulldog, as usual, is not present. The pets not inclined to aggression, settle to each other to give chances to a two-three more of the homeless and the thrown tails. Volunteers long pressed close, solved, thought, all weighed, but could not refuse to the baby. Especially other exits at her are not expected.

Home it is impossible in any way, exactly there it was started and will hardly begin to care for it as if nothing was. According to the former owners, it became impossible to look after a dog because of deterioration in the state of health of owners.


Люди with a limited opportunity if to take them a word, were forced to limit opportunities and the pet. It is a lot of doubts, but it is more hope for recovery of Frosi, it after all is not hopeless, on top form forces, is beautiful, kind, modest. And in few weeks both it is cheerful and it will be vigorous. Pay attention to Frosyu, house and very quiet will be able will give a lot of joy and will present smiles.

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