• Jan 23, 2020

Volunteers of team of the help to the English bulldogs not only saved Ryder who for five years was beaten by the owner, but also tried to find out the reasons of human cruelty.

the Next tragedy occurred in Novomoskovsk of Tula region. Transferred to team of the help to the English bulldogs information: in a local shelter there is a hackneyed bulldog.

Photo: instagram.com/help_bulldogs
A found a dog on the street in a hard frost. Ryder could not even get up. At a bulldog ribs were broken, teeth are beaten out. From Novomoskovsk the doggie was transported to Moscow where to it full examination will be conducted, it will become clear already soon how to treat Ryder.
Volunteers of the Novomoskovsk shelter submitted the application to the police for Ryder's owner. And it was even found. But … He, naturally, denies the beating fact. Speaks, the dog ran away, and he was crippled (unknown hooligans) already on the street. But he refused to take away a bulldog from a shelter. And in a conversation mentioned that Ryder celebrated all the affairs of the house and to suffer already there are no forces any more.
B it cruelty reason? Whether the person will be punished? Perhaps, it is questions rhetorical, and we do not learn answers to them.

Photo: instagram.com/help_bulldogs
the Curator of a dog Olga at whom Ryder lived on overexposure in Novomoskovsk, says that in two weeks any miss was not. On the street itself always asked. And in general dog very balanced, quiet. Is afraid only of sharp movements and loud sounds. And at the sight of sticks squeals and howls.
placed Information on Ryder in social nets. And there was already a family which very much wants to take away a bulldog to itself. But by rules of team of the help, it is impossible to give a dog at once: the risk of return is high. And Ryder already is in a stress.
But potential owners promise: will wait. To them the doggie very much attracted.
we Believe
in the happy termination of this story and that Ryder will leave to the people who fell in love it already in absentia and at first sight.
of Good luck to you, kid!

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