• Aug 4, 2020

of Milka – absolutely harmless, extraordinary lovely kid of breed of a Yorkshire terrier. To it the whole world deigned and it seemed that he is the happiest puppy on the earth. But his joy was not fated to come true. From happy family of a puppy sent to a shelter. People made of the disabled person's dog.

Still the baby took charge of a terrier in family to keep the company to small kids, where there are one or two children, the little puppy will add the company of mischievous persons and will not be an obstacle in their education. Besides the pet is an opportunity since the childhood to impart sense of responsibility and disciplines to children. So parents believed. But they forgot to specify that himself needs to cultivate sense of responsibility, first of all, in, and then, by inertia and children will accept those qualities which are possessed by their parents.


О what consciousness can there be a speech 100 vw when the puppy was delivered in a shelter in a half-dead state? History long and tangled. And here what it was succeeded to find out. Milka during another game with children unsuccessfully landed broke a hinder leg. In family all were so indifferent to a puppy that even did not notice this serious trauma. Doctors after withdrawal of an animal concluded: the change is old, the bone began to grow together badly, the bone cyst was formed and the paw can hardly be saved.

And even after that with an animal continued to address and not to examine it carelessly. Once Milka children simply dropped. Nobody explained to them that though a puppy literally plush, lovely and fluffy, this same, as well as children, small and fragile creation, still a weak puppy, at all not a toy. Thereof blow of Milka got spinal fracture and risk forever to remain the disabled person.

The animal ceased to go, but even it did not confuse owners. Not owners, but the friend of the family reported about such critical condition of a dog in a shelter even, it was so a pity to watch to it how alive perishes Milka. The three-months puppy weighing one kilogram underwent a little medical operations. Now it in rehabilitation. Gradually begins to go into paws. There is a high probability to keep mobility of his body.


Щенок already made friends with several relatives, adapts slowly and socialized. Progress is, but it not such dynamic as doctors expect. Nevertheless we wish some health Milka, and a bit later to find really careful friends who will not allow to treat a puppy as with a thing. Be healthy, the kid!

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