• Sep 17, 2019

On coins of the most different countries and times it is possible to meet images of dogs. It can be a decorative element, a part of composition or the main figure. On what coins dogs are represented?

Dog on a Coin Photo Numismatics

On a photo: the image of a dog on a coin. Photo: flickr.com

In ancient times of a dog in numismatics met much more often than today. For example, the earliest images of dogs on coins can be considered the bronze and silver coins found during excavation of the city of Segesta in Sicily. They are dated 5th century BC. Actually, the dog was also a city symbol.

According to the legend, Egest, Segesta's son, troyanka, and Krimis, river god was the founder of the city. Krimis seized Segesta, having taken a form of a dog. Therefore the reverse of coins contains the image of a dog, and an obverse – Segesta's heads.

In the same ancient times bronze coins with the image of the dog running to the left minted in Campagna and Lation (Italy), and the lying dog is represented on coins of the Umbria city of Tudera (by the way, it is the homeland of monetary unit of Italy – lira).

After dogs represented on silver coins (denariya) which minted in Campagna and Rome. This coin was of great importance: it was widely used in those far times.

In feudal times of a dog also often decorated coins. For example, the lying dog was on the Tuscan coins, the dog tied to a tree was represented on Milan lira of the Spanish king Philip II (the 16th century), and the winged dog can be seen on small coins of Verona (the 14th century).

The dog who is climbing up up, lying or creeping – an invariable image of coins of family of Gonzaga who loved these animals. Around the central figure of a dog there was an inscription in Latin: "Only to predators I am an enemy". This certificate that dogs already then were perceived as the best friends of the person and were very much appreciated.

Represent dogs and in modern numismatics.

To celebrate year of a dog, in China in 1982 released coins of 20 and also 200 yuans.

The pharaoh hound decorates coins of Malta of 1 lira of 1977 – it is dated for adoption of the standard of breed of FCI.

Coins of 50 cents of Canada (1977) represent the Canadian Eskimo dog, a Labrador , the new Scottish retriever and the Newfoundland dog .

Year of a dog was celebrated release of a 10-shillingovy coin to Somalia (2000)

Images of a pointer and a collie can see on coins the Cook Islands of 1 cent (2003)

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