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Images of dogs reached us since ancient times. The first drawings in which we can see the best friend of the person are dated in the 4th millennium BC. Since then these animals steadily became muses of painters.

gerrit of Dow photo picture "Sleeping Dog"

On a photo: picture Gerrit Dou "Sleeping Dog" (1650). Photo: wikimedia.org

Hunting dogs of the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages of a dog begin to appear even more often in pictures of painters. And generally hunting dogs received honor to be imprinted on cloths.

Unfortunately, not in all pictures it is possible to define breed of a dog precisely. However we can learn hounds which pursued an animal, or cops who were represented near the caught or killed birds.

Partners of Renaissance

Renaissance was marked by the fact that dogs began to be perceived (and to represent in pictures) not only as labor, but also as partners. The proof to they are portraits of ladies which hold on hands of small doggies, or borzois and molossa which on cloths accompany the owners.

Is images where dogs lie under tables during feasts, and treat them with tidbits. Also there is the Venetian picture with the image of the lap dog who is treated kindly by the hostess who luxuriates on soft pillows.

From the age of Enlightenment up to now

Gradually dogs begin to take the increasing place and in life of people, and in pictures. And since the 17th century there are cloths representing only dogs. And some artists in 16 – 17 centuries specialize in the image of animals (Francois Deport, Paul de Wos, Abraham Hondius, Frans Sneyders, Jean-Baptiste Oudri and others).

Dogs begin to be represented it is more and more realistic from the anatomic point of view. From nature expression of a muzzle and a pose as though the artist set the task most precisely to transfer appearance of model are copied.

And today dogs inspire many painters, taking the place on their cloths.

Collie in a Photo Picture

Photo: art-catalog.ru

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