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In 1994 I finished courses and received qualification of the expert-cynologist in a number of breeds from 3 groups (terriers). Terriers are my specialization. But now I prefer not to develop as the expert, expanding the list of breeds, and to expose the dog.

Airdales at a Photo Exhibition

As there takes place refereeing at exhibitions? Who is invited to judge exhibitions of dogs?

Invite to vseporodny exhibitions most often those experts who have a right of refereeing for a large amount of breeds as to invite experts in each breed extremely difficult and it is unprofitable. Therefore the highest category of experts is called "All round", that is the expert in all 10 FCI groups who can judge all groups of breeds.

Organizers try to invite experts who well proved, do not make mistakes. It is important that participants were happy with work of experts (though, of course, dissatisfied is always - it is losers). There are ratings of experts which are even published on certain websites where both positive, and negative reviews of participants of exhibitions gather.

How many experts judge breed in a ring and whether can dissatisfied challenge the decision of the judge?

Refereeing at exhibitions of dogs individual. The decision of the expert is final and is not subject to the appeal.

edelteryer at a photo exhibition

Whom at the Belarusian exhibitions it is more: Belarusian or foreign experts?

The matter is that to receive a champion title, the dog has to receive certificates of the candidate for champions of Belarus or the candidate for international champions at various experts. Therefore for examination are invited including foreign experts.

To national exhibitions, as a rule, there come experts from closer countries (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland). At the international exhibitions where the title of the candidate for international champions of beauty is appropriated, there are experts very from far away (Japan, Spain, Portugal, etc.)

There come experts and from Great Britain as Belarus a few years ago acquired the right to hold qualification exhibitions for Crufts is the most prestigious international exhibition of dogs (on it it is possible to get, having only won a qualification exhibition or the World Cup or Europe or being an International champion) and the main exhibition of dogs of Great Britain. Therefore at the international exhibitions with qualification on Crufts often there are one or several experts from Great Britain.

Whom at the international exhibitions of dogs it is more: Belarusian participants or visitors?

At the international exhibitions, probably, there are more visitors of participants: we are very conveniently located from the geographical point of view.

The Belarusian participants at the international exhibitions in Belarus there is a lot of too, however if at my dog of 4 or 5 titles from the international Belarusian exhibitions, then to participate in all there is no sense. It is my point of view. I very much love exhibitions, but I try not to turn into the collector of titles. The Belarusian film logical society, of course, is interested in participation in the international exhibitions of the Belarusian dogs and encourages such participation — besides ordinary final competitions, at our international exhibitions also the special competition "It Is Sharp-sighted Belarus" — for dogs who were born is held and live in Belarus and steel this day the best representatives of the breed.

On the website of the International film logical federation the calendar of the international exhibitions is published in all countries for the year ahead. It is very convenient as any cynologist can make the calendar of trips in advance. Also now there is an opportunity to be registered on exhibitions online and to learn all conditions.

What is necessary for a dog to become the international champion of beauty?

To become the international champion of beauty, the dog has to win 4 international exhibitions in 3 countries under 3 experts, and between the first and last exhibition there have to pass not less than 1 year and 1 day. This general rule which guarantees that the dog long is in good shape and wins in the different countries. At the same time even in the World Cups and Europe it is appropriated too only 1 CACIB. The second option — for dogs of working breeds — the international working certificate and two certificates of CACIB also within one year and one day.

Airdale at a Photo Exhibition

If only 1 representative of breed participates in a ring, he surely receives a title?

Here all to the discretion of the expert: he can award a title, and can not award — and it is not a rarity. The dog can leave also with assessment "well", "it is very good" or is "satisfactory". Titles and estimates are not connected with quantity of dogs on a ring in any way.

In what parameters estimate dogs at exhibitions?

Is 3 main parameters:
  1. Anatomy – compliance of an exterior to that ideal of breed which is described in the standard.
  2. Behaviour. Some dear judges forget about this parameter, and in vain. The animal has to show the corresponding pedigree temperament, not to be shy, aggressive, etc. at all. It is what I treat very rigidly.
  3. Physical shape. The exhibition is not only zootechnical action, but also a show, and the dog has to be in great physical shape, is healthy, with good wool.
Airdale in a Photo Rack
On a photo: an airdale in a rack

what the dog can be disqualified for?

In the standard of each breed the disqualifying defects are described.

In any standards the lack of teeth, and any countries is not allowed (for example, Great Britain), do not specify the number of teeth which can be considered as the disqualifying defect. There it is enough that there were cutters and canines, and further — to the discretion of the expert.

Surely there have to be 2 testicles. The lack of one or both testicles is an unambiguous disqualification.

Besides, almost in all standards of breeds of disqualification the dogs showing atypical behavior are subject: coward or aggressive.

Are subject to removal of a dog to whose appearance any changes were made: painted, with surgical correction, etc. It is attempt to mislead the expert.

All the rest is defects and shortcomings which influence assessment, but not participation in an exhibition.

Airdale at a Photo Exhibition
On a photo: an airdale at an exhibition

And if the dog is late in a ring?

It can after the end of display in a break describe and give a mark, but she cannot participate in the competition any more. Therefore at an exhibition it is necessary to watch closely time very much.

If to compare the Belarusian and foreign exhibitions whether there are differences?

I would tell that, especially in recent years, our exhibitions are held at very good level.

The main difference, perhaps, in lack of such places for holding exhibitions what are in Europe. I very much love the European exhibitions, and practically in each in the slightest degree large city of the same Austria or Germany, Poland or the Baltics there are huge exhibition or sports centers where it is spacious and where absolutely quietly start dogs. We physically have no such place and at exhibitions is very close.

The second difference which is evident when you go on exhibitions to Europe as the participant — at us is among participants much more women. I think, it besides because of not the best conditions (narrowness and burdensome pastime between rings). In Europe at exhibitions there are a lot of men. There the people come to exhibitions families, there always a tasty public catering — generally, all for the person.

Probably, in Europe there is more communication between manufacturers — we have people who were more isolated.

In our country diplomas give out at once and if your dog does not reach the final, you can leave. In a number of the European countries if your dog reached the final, you the diploma just will not be given until you come to a competition and you will show a dog to all audience. And diplomas give out to all other participants, as a rule, after 14 hours that visitors of an exhibition could look at all dogs. Therefore communication between participants who already showed the dogs is very widespread among them and have a rest. At our exhibitions of it, in my opinion, is not enough a little.

One more difference — in Belarus society treats dogs worse. Perhaps, and we are partly guilty of it because not everyone, for example, cleans after the dogs, unlike the same Europe. When, let us assume, in Germany the exhibition comes to an end, there is a clean space as though several thousand dogs there and were not - it is difference too though a question any more not to organizers of exhibitions, and to participants.

As for the level of examination, prize fund, the organization, staginess of holding final competitions, our exhibitions completely correspond to the European.

Airdale at a Photo Exhibition
On a photo: an airdale at an exhibition

Expensively to participate in exhibitions of dogs?

In the country, generally, not especially. Trips — it, of course, is always expensive. It is necessary to realize that if there is desire and the dog corresponds on level, for example, to the international champion of beauty, then it is expensive.

If the person takes a dog for participation in exhibitions for what expenses he has to prepare?

Good feeding, good veterinary service, perhaps, services of the trainer.

If the person wants to learn to expose a dog itself, so he needs the trainer on a ring training.

If he does not want to study, and wants to admire the dog from the outside, so will be come to pay services of the handler.

If it is breed grumersky, then care of wool — very expensive business. Let's tell, in my favourite breed the airdale, probably, is simpler to learn to prepare a dog most because it is very expensive as a grooming at airdales — extremely labor-intensive and vremyazatratny business.

Grooming of an Airdale of a Photo
On a photo: grooming of airdales

Plus a trip: a payment for participation in an exhibition, it is expensive, hotel accommodation. Difficult at once from wheels to leave in a ring, and we try to arrive always in advance, to get enough sleep, since morning to prepare a dog and then already to be exposed.

So to say, it is very pleasant way to spend money, but this quite expensive hobby.

it is easy to find hotel where it is possible to live with a dog?

In Europe — it is elementary. Yes already and it is possible to find such hotel in Russia, and at us some let with dogs. With the advent of online services on booking it stopped being a problem — there it is always specified whether animals are allowed.

As dogs are trained for participation in exhibitions?

I would tell that the exhibition dog of high level should begin to be prepared from the earliest puppyish age.

The animal has to have very good contact with the owner and the handler, it has to be very chelovekooriyentirovanny, even a little spoiled and rather impudent because the stiffness in a ring is unacceptable. If the dog expects that she in case of a mistake "will fly" by her, it will never be exposed as it is necessary.

Of course, it is necessary to look for the good handler. And if with the handler 1 time in 1 — 2 weeks is enough to be engaged, then most if you want to learn to expose a dog, it is necessary to be engaged almost every day.

But nevertheless the main thing is desire. Such hobby as cynology, by and large, very democratically. Yes, it demands a quantity of money, but any healthy person is able to earn them. As for age and other characteristics — everyone can beautifully learn to expose the dog, it is correct to move and not to make mistakes. There should not be complexes that only thin pretty girls — nothing similar can be handlers.

it is obligatory for Handler to specialize in concrete breeds or there are those who can work with any dog?

There are talents which can show any dog. But it is not necessary to wait for a miracle and to think that even the best handler, having seen your dog the first or second time in life, will show it ideally. Until the handler finds contact with a specific dog, nothing will be. All the same some time for occupations is necessary.

Unfortunately, also "pseudo-handlers" who cruelly treat client dogs quite often meet. At one of exhibitions we even had to make a remark that if the handler does not stop tormenting a dog, we will address organizers. Happens that to a dog for the fact that she badly costs, knock down hind legs from a table or pull a ringovka and to look at it insufferably. And the owner thinks that "same the professional who knows that he does".

Actually, work of the handler is a heavy work. Also there are great handlers, absolutely ingenious.

The owner should pay attention to reputation, achievements. But, in general, I would recommend for the choice of the handler to approach very accurately that it did not spoil a dog. It is desirable to receive the recommendations of manufacturers and to look at work of the handler at an exhibition. It is necessary to pay attention to how the dog looks at it whether she is afraid of it. When at a dog with the handler contact, she listens spellbound to it, on a pocket, wags a tail and is eager to work – it is visible at once.

to be sure that the dog will well prove to be at exhibitions, it is better to take the bred puppy?

Of course because some shortcomings are shown only with age. The forecast can be done after teeth exchange.

But also in this case risk rather big. There is very thin side. One business when you take a puppy and you grow up it under yourself even if risking something. And another matter — the bred dog who will be already more difficult to be made yours but at it everything will be good with an exterior. It is a difficult question.

But, as for a puppy, I would never give guarantees that he will be exhibition. Though the prospect is visible already early enough.

A photo from personal archive of Natalya Didenok "

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