• Oct 21, 2020

of Nyush is the French bulldog. The breed is popular, favourite, from that dogs of this breed most often and are thrown. Bothered, there is no time, the pet is too whimsical, demands patience — these and other excuses became causes of failure more than once. And if it is difficult to admit to himself the irresponsibility then a dog those who once were the only hope and a joy to the pet just begin to drive out of own dwelling.


Так was also with Nyusha. Loved, loved a bulldog and that will do. The pet bothered, began to irritate, burden, enrage! Probably, therefore began to raise a hand against a dog, from own weakness, hopelessness, a krivodushiya. Generally, the tame house girl got to a shelter absolutely wild and intimidated with the purpose to get rid of it or to lull. But its stay did not drag on there. Pampushka of red color was pleasant to young couple, but what was saved for months, got out outside.

Nyusha from frequent attacks and beatings of the left owners developed a habit to be afraid of everyone and everything, in particular, men. In attempt of new owners to calm a dog, most likely, the mistake was made. Broke personal space of each other, told something roughly, there was not enough patience or Nyusha went too far — we do not know, but the dog bit the man and it was returned it to a shelter again. This dog really has no manners of an aggressor, but, probably, the situation developed against Nyusha though this little girl — the kindest cozy warm light soul. Now the girl looks for the house again. Perhaps this time she will be given the second chance?!


Будущий the owner has to understand 100 vw that for a dog it is very important to find the competent expert working with method of a positive reinforcement now and to work, understand the reason of such behavior (though it is obvious) and will cope with aggression, most likely aggression of fear. Otherwise the situation can will repeat again, unfortunately.

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