• Dec 10, 2020

Probably, the dog was bought as a souvenir or a subject of a decor, just like that, that stood, sat, lay, supplemented an interior, closed emptiness and that case when to spouses to talk any more there is nothing. Otherwise it is impossible to explain such devil-may-care attitude to the pet. People ignored elementary survey of the ward. Did not watch his behavior. Did not find regularities of these or those its acts. Did not think whether it has enough everything, whether everything with it is good, nourishing to it, whether warmly, great. It is accepted to call it care. But the bulldog did not know anything about this word.

When at the pet problems, an itch or incontinence of urine began

, he just received a huge scolding. On it were distressed the annoying words, poured after damnations and regrets about that day when them was decided to take the pet home. Present what was with people when the puppy had a nausea or vomiting? He was beaten with hands and legs a back, shouted that there are forces while neighbors did not begin to knock on the battery. Their communication and life had such shape.

Are not sure that people realized all foulness of the behavior or it became a shame to them. So far Khariton in confusion, not absolutely understands what happens to it, but has a gut feeling: worse precisely will not be any more. Very soon the pet will look for the house!

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