• Oct 16, 2020

everyone heard the term Animaloterapiya. But not all know what in fact it means.

The Golden Retriever Gives a Paw to the Person of a Photo Close Up
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What is an animaloterapiya?

"Animals visitors" of "Dog therapists" "Animals therapists" – here only some of names of programs, in which animals help people, just visiting them. Number of these participants programs increases, also the number of names respectively increases, describing various aspects of how animals help people.

It is preferable to use the term "Animaloterapiya" to official the medical programs which are usually including one animal and the handler working with one client. The handler and the medic or the psychologist work over achievement of specific goals also plan how to achieve these objectives.

For more unofficial programs it is more preferable to use the term "Activity with participation of animals".

Why practice visits of animals in healthcare institutions of the whole world?

Visits of animals can help people to feel like less lonely, to bring out of a condition of a depression.

Visits of animals can bring a variety a daily routine or help to renew old friendly relations. People become more active and independent both in time, and after the visits of animals.

Appearance of animals entertains or helps to overcome pain and sufferings. People often talk to dogs, share with them thoughts, feelings and memoirs. Such visits are always expected with impatience.

Stroking of a dog or cat can reduce pressure level. Fuss with animals promotes strengthening of hands (for people with limited physical opportunities).

In the presence of an animal it is easier for two strangers to get to talking. At people there are common interests and subjects for a conversation. Many people in hospitals or boards were forced to leave the animals, and they have not enough that unconditional acceptance which pets can provide. Concerns a dog a little age or physical state, it accepts people such what they are. The advantage is felt even after visit. The visit leaves behind not only memoirs, but also gives experience. To people is what to share with others.


Can participate other animals?

Yes, the majority of pets is suitable for visits. All necessary elements remain the same though as animals therapists is more often consider dogs. In most cases assessment of whether there will be an animal in future good "therapist", does not depend on a species of an animal.

What the good dog - "therapist" means?

The dog has to be sociable. Sense of the program – in communication between a dog and people whom you visit. If the dog does not like a visit, interaction it will be far from an ideal. The person needs to feel acceptance of a dog. Rejection from a dog – it is even worse, than any visits.

A good dog therapist – quiet, patient and friendly. The visit has to to bring pleasure to all participants. Even do not try to force a dog to to participation in similar programs.

The dog has to be well-mannered. If for one dog it is natural to lift up another, it does not mean that such behavior is polite. Polite dog also not touches people without invitation.

It is difficult to find balance between tranquility and friendliness. Even it is ideal the obedient dog can not become good "therapist" if she does not show interest in other people. The reserved dog can be quiet, but people can to feel rejection. Very friendly dog can from the best motives to put a trauma. The dog full of energy and always ready to work, it can be too active in the majority of situations. However it is necessary to strive for optimum balance.

And here the breed does not matter. The dog of any breed or a hybrid can participate in an animaloterapiya.

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