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Say about a horse: "Is not present her equal on the earth". She has a surprising memory, amazing intelligence, extraordinary sensitive hearing, the developed touch, and on a subtlety of sense of smell the horse can compete to a dog. The set of these surprising properties and also perfection of forms made a horse mysterious and at the same time attractive.

Horse in Mythology of Indians of a Photo, an Animal, a Pet On a photo: a horse in the culture of Indians

Conquest by Spaniards of America took place thanks to horses

Indians did not see these animals earlier, and it seemed to them that the horse and the rider are one being, powerful and ruthless. Therefore most often they in panic laid down arms and were let in flight. And only after in one of fights the horse was killed, natives understood that it is the same being, as well as the others. Indians began to capture not prisoners, and horses , understood what it is remarkable animals, and brought them to the level of esteemed.

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    the Horse became the spirit patron preserving the secret unions there are societies created for protection of breeding and patrimonial traditions.
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    the Horse was a patron of brotherhood of sorcerers-Aesculapians. This animal was in dreams devoted, told about curative herbs and taught magic "dancing of a horse".
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    In India a horse turned into several heavenly gods.
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    at temples kept In Japan white (correctly to speak "light gray") the horses who were taking part in ceremonies.
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    Ancient Germans considered that horses can drive away evil spirits, they are representatives of gods on the earth.
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    the White horse belonged to Slavic god Svyatovit.
Mythical White Horse of a Photo
On a photo: mythical white horse

Horses are inspirers of ancient Greeks

The goddess of fertility was in an image of a mare. The horse was also the terrestrial embodiment of god of a thunderstorm.

Then the horse was "transferred" to Poseidon – Greeks believed in sea origin of these animals. Therefore Poseidon was considered as the patron of horse breeding.

Emergence of the Olympic Games — the Chariot

In chariots both Apollo, and Zeus drove about.

Many legends are connected with emergence of the Olympic Games. But the best-known – about competitions of chariots. To the tsar Enomayu death as soon as his daughter Hippodamia marries was predicted. Directly the tsar could not refuse to all applicants, but laid down a condition: the one who will leave from his chariot will only become his son-in-law, otherwise mercy will not be. Many made attempts, but horses of Enomaya rushed quicker than wind, and each candidate was pierced by a spear. There was no Pelops yet. They with Hippodamia fell in love with each other, and Pelops asked for the help Poseidon. That sympathized and presented to the lover of winged horses. The young man managed to win a competition. To mark a victory, he founded the Olympic festivals.

the Winged horse — the Pegasus

The Gorgon Medusa and Poseidon generated a winged horse – the Pegasus (in translation from Greek "rapid current"). This horse was a favourite of muses, could beat out blow of a hoof sources, often stayed on Parnassus and delivered to Zeus to Olympe lightnings and thunders from Hephaestus. A Pegasus – a symbol of all live. And Templars considered it a symbol of eloquence, glory and contemplation.

Pegasus of a Photo
On a photo: Pegasus

Ancient Greeks presented to us and centaurs. It beings with a torso and the head of the person on a trunk of a horse. They lived in forest thickets and mountains, accompanied Dionysus and differed in intemperance and violent temper. They were considered the embodiment of rough streams and the mountain rivers.

In a classical antiquity really living beings considered unicorns – mythical horses with a horn on a forehead. They symbolize chastity, searches and spiritual purity and are often mentioned also in medieval fairy tales and legends.

If to trust the doctrine feng shui, the horse is the mascot bringing good luck.

The found horseshoe in many countries of Europe is considered good luck harbinger. It can "attract" the wealth and wellbeing symbolized by a horse, will bring happiness, health and takes away a grief. The devil beats about the bush, however, having reached the end of a horseshoe, is forced to turn. And goes from one end to another, deprived of an opportunity to someone to do much harm.

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